And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

WEEK 55----DUNKED!!!!!!

This week has been a wild one. And whenbi say wild I mean wild!!!! Crazy busy so let's get to it. I'm only going to be telling the important things throughout the week.

Tuesday: We had an amazing district meeting. We learned how to better work with our new technology and how we can help our investigators through Facebook. Let's just say me and my comp killed it. We got a few lessons set up and we had a couple lessons over Facebook messenger. Later that day we had a lesson with Jason Hair to finalize his baptism program and set up a daybfor his interview. Let me just tell ya. Jason is amazing. We tell him what he needs to do and he does it no questions asked because he said, "Before I even started taking the lessons I knew it was true." Which if you didn't know never happens. So it was cool to see someone act without thinking because of how strong his faith was.

Wednesday: We had our last required lesson with Jason. And of course he said he would commit to living the 20 commandments and the law of Tithing which is amazing. So many people get caught up on those things. Anyways. That's the only my important thing about that day.

Friday: See as a missionary our weeks are very different than yours back at home. We dread Fridays and look forward to Mondays. So we had weekly planning as usual and that sucked, but afterwards the day went awesome. We had a lot of referrals to stop by and all of the answered the door except one and we got to talk to them and set up return appointments. It was awesome. Later on we had Jason's baptismal interview which went very well. All we had to do then was get him in the water and dunk him. AND IT HAPPENED, but more on that tomorrow. We then had a lesson after the interview with a family that is amazing. They are less active, but we have good lessons with them. They actually came to church on Sunday, so hopefully we can get them started backup again.

Saturday: The only really important thing that happened on Saturday was Jason's baptism, and it was a amazing. He was so ready, and the spirit was so strong.

Sunday: We had church for 7-8 hours...... Not important I just complain about that a lot. Haha. We also threw a child in a pool.

Well that is about it. I love you all I hope you have a good week. Talk to you next week!!!

Monday, October 2, 2017

WEEK 54?---This Week Has Been Chill

I'm sorry I've been slacking on emails. But today I'll start with something I heard this week that I will probably apply for the rest of my life. It's from Elder Natress of the Seventy, and also former Mission President of the Arizona Gilbert Mission he said, "Plan precisely, but execute flexibly."  I love that quote. As missionaries, not everything goes to plan. Lessons get cancelled, doors get slammed in your face, you go to contact people and they say they're not interested, etc. But you either have a back up or you have to be light on your feet to come up with something to do to be effective. I've found this quote to have already helped me in this work. I've never not been busy this transfer, and I'm loving it. Although my comp goes home this transfer and is a little trunky. He still realizes that he's not done until he's been set apart. So it's been a good transfer so far. 

Here is a quick funny moment of this week. So, we were having a lesson with our investigator this past Thursday, and we showed him a picture of Jesus getting baptized. And he said, "Woah is that guy really trying to slap Jesus!?" And his girlfriend (She's a member.)  called in from the other room and said, "NO!? That's him getting baptized!" We all started to laugh I felt bad cause of course he didn't know, but I couldn't help it. 

Well I haven't sent you an email for about 3 weeks and I'm sorry. So here is a run down of those 3 weeks. My new companion is Elder Ethan Mckown. He's been out for 23 months. He is from Odessa, Texas. We have been able to teach quite a few people. We have 4 investigators in this area and all are progressing which makes me so happy.  

We are teaching a lady and her 2 kids. Here's what's cool they are FLDS, so they already have a testimony of the BOM and Joseph Smith. We are just working now towards how there is a prophet on the Earth today.  We have a guy named Bob. He is in a part member and he is a stud. Last week he came to church by himself without his wife although he only stayed for sacrament meeting he still came and that's progress. 

Here are pictures of me and Elder Mckown at a Greek Orthodox Monastery. We went and we had a blast learning about these people who don't even leave this place, and the lives they live and how they worship. It was cool. All of them asked us about our lives and our religion so it was a win win.

I am having a blast in my new area and I love the people here. We are having a baptism this weekend for a stud, Jason Hair, he is so knowledgeable, and he us so open to everything. We are too stoked.  I hope all is well. I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Matua 

Greek Orthodox church visit

My new comp, Elder McKown

Thursday, September 7, 2017

WEEK 49- I Love Bella Vista!

Well this email is going to be short cause we have a lot to do this week, and we are running everywhere to get things done, so this week we have seen so many miracles with the people that we are teaching, and even the members doing missionary work. But, first let's start with some funny moments this week.
1. I scared THE CRAP out of Mama Hoopes.
We stopped by to grab some left overs, and to chat for a second. It seemed as if no one was home because they were all in their rooms. Well we walked upstairs to find out where they were, and we heard the door unlock so we started walking back down to see who it was, and PERFECT! Mama walked in totally clueless that were there, and I let out a most girlyest scream and it was amazing. To me it was, but Mama started crying. She said, "I thought my family was dead!?" I felt bad, but I loved it.

2. We tried to talk to this guy on the street. He was in his drive way just standing there. We started to approach him, and as we tried to start a conversation with him. His big ole' wifey come stormin around the corner, and just starts screaming at us. This guy was like a child when she came around. She was saying like, "I'm tired of this s***. We are not doing this today! Jimmy move your a**." And the guy shut down, and put his head down, and started walKing with her saying, "Sorry guys. I really am." And she would scream at him to shut up and not talk to us. It was sad for him, but we just laughed our heads off after they walked inside.

3. We had Zone Sports with the Florence Zone. We played scatter ball. ULTIMATE SCATTER BALL. So scatter ball is just a free for all dodge ball game. But this time we had 2 teams the Bella Vista Zone, and the Florence Zone. The Ultimate part of the game was we were playing with huge exercise ball. Well like always I show no mercy, and this sister was getting mad because our Zone was winning and she doesn't take losing very well. Anyways I was getting fired up and I was going HAM. Well I had the ball and the Sister was in my sights. I cornered her and I took that ball, jumped in the air and chucked the ball at her. Yeah that was a mistake. Her face turned bright red, and she yelled at me so bad that it went from yelling to sobbing in a matter of seconds. Did I feel bad?? Not really cause she was only mad that they were losing.. So yeah. It was a funny moment to me, but not to her. Hehe oops!?

Well I know I said I had a lot of miracles, but I have to go, so I can't get to them this week, but I will for sure get to them next week! I love you all and I will talk to you soon! Love you!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Okay this week was so busy, so I will hit the main points.
1. We had a baptism for Alex Caraveo.
2.Our Investigator Katie is making leaps and bounds to make it
to her date of the 26th! (This Saturday)
3. I will not be listening to any Christmas Music this year.
4. We thought we broke our 2017 Toyota Corolla....

1. So Alex's baptism was amazing. It was kind of hectic, because first there were no more baptismal suits, because our zone had 6 baptisms play the Stake baptisms.. Elder Endrizzi and I got there late due to our dinner. But everything else was amazing, I got to speak and witness. His dad baptized him, and it was just perfect. Alex is such a stud and he knows his stuff. Now let's all pray that Viri will come around.
2. Katie is doing amazing!!!!!!!!! We only need to teach her 2 more lessons, and have her interview. She came to church and LOVED it! She told us she had A LOT of questions from Church. She is just way solid, and loves the gospel. She is going to make an amazing member hahah.
3. Alright, so Elder Endrizzi and I have not any music in the car except the freaking Christmas album from Pentatonix.... I am so done with it. I have the whole thing memorized.. each part, each song, and what order the songs are in...... Therefore we will not be listening to and sort of Christmas Music come winter...
4. Okay so in our area we have like 36.5 miles which is 1332.25 miles total. as we were driving around finding a house. Our car which is a brand new car, literally only 300 original miles, started squeeling like a freaking pig that just got shot in the leg with a 22.. Anyways we were freaking out cause we literally just got the dang thing. Well as we continued down the road we discovered it was the front passenger side wheel. So we pulled off to the side of the road and propped our heffer up and took the wheel off. We then discovered it was a small little pebble that was lodged in between the brake disc and the brake caliber. if that's hoe you spell it. It was an adventure haahah.

Well there is our week. I am loving this area and the people here. I love you guys and I will talk to you next week!!
With the Caraveo Family

Elder Endrizzi

Oh So TRUE!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

WEEK 45-I Got a Brown Companion!!

Hello Family and Friends,
This week has been a splended one. Here are some highlights to my week that put a smile on my face. Today I will be starting with the things that made me chuckle.
As we were in our automobile driving to an activity for our zone we came upon a stop light. At this particular light we heard this obnoxiously loud sound. As we neared the light we discovered that it was an elderly woman in her mid-high 50's with a burrito in her hand head banging to a song performed by Fetty Wap, this was at 7:30 in the morning.
This particular event made my companion and I feel somewhat very uncomfortable. We were at a member's home, and as we were speaking to this Brother when his wife came out of their room, said Honey I need you. Now this is what made it awkward. The Brother giggled as he went in. We had not turned around or anything. We just sat, and stared at each other wondering why he had giggled? Elder Endrizzi and I were in a weirdly dimmed living room, and we sat there for a good 30-45 minutes before they both came out of the room.. We just sat their awkwardly as we talked.. We try not to assume, so I will leave it at that for you..
Okay now that the funny moments are out here are 2 miracles that I will never forget.
1.) This last Sunday I was able to watch Edgar Caraveo, the father of the Part Member family we are teaching, receive the Aaronic Priesthood. Now he is able to baptize his son and his wife. I will never forget that!
2.) Elder Endrizzi and I were headed to Potential Investigators house out in the middle of nowhere. They live next to like 3 houses which are pretty spread apart. Anyways, the person we went to go see wasn't home, but we got back to the car, and as we opened our doors a Hispanic man was yelling from a ways off, and running to us. When he got to us he asked if we knew any spanish. Luckily my companion did, so the guy continued, and explained that he is a recovering drug addict that needs god, and wanted to come to church and learn more of the mormon religion. It's been a awesome week.
Elder Wilcox (my 1st comp in the mission) and Tillotson
Another sunrise hike
Well I love you all! I miss you and wish you all the best. May God bless you in all that you guys do. Have a good week!​
New Comp--Elder Endrizzi (from St. Paul MN and he's Japanese)

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


What. A. Week. I haven't seen so many miracles, funny moments, rainy days, etc. in this short of a time span. I think you get the point. A LOT has happened this week and I will try my hardest to fit it into one email. Well here we go. 1. WE HAVE AN INVESTIGATOR ON THE VERGE OF BAPTISM! 2. We've been working with this family, trying to get them to come to church. 3. A Recent Convert spanked me. Real awkward. 4. I have learned the patience is key in everything we do in life. 5. I think I will forever have anger issues because of Zone Sports. And last 6. It is easier to stay in shape than to get in shape.

1.) This one is pretty self explanatory, but we've been working with The Caraveo family for about 6 months now. They are awesome. Well we committed them to watch Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration. Now the Caraveo family is a Part Member family. The dad was baptized a long time ago and now he wants his family to enjoy the blessings of the Gospel. Anyways, their Son Alex is on fire keeping commitments. And he retains information like a flash drive. And the Mom after watching the movie brought up that she wanted Alex to be baptized. So as we met on the 3rd time this week the parents agreed that he just needs to learn a little more before they commit to a date. So we are right there with him, and since I'm not getting transferred, hallelujah, I'm not giving up on this family. They are so dang close.

2.) Alright try to keep up with me in this one. We are working with a family of 3 women. A great grandma, her daughter, and her daughter's granddaughter that calls her grandma mom. Make sense? Haha, so we've been stopping by this miracle family for about 3 weeks now trying to get them to church. We got the Great granddaughter, Gigi, to activity days, so a step in the right direction. Well today as we were just about to close the doors to start sacrament meeting, low and behold Gigi and her grandma/mom walked in with huge smiles on their faces. Oh I just wanted to walk up onto the pulpit and scream, "THEY MADE IT EVERYONE!!" Then just go sit down. We were so excited. As we sat next to them they asked a few question and luckily I knew the answers (that doesn't happen often...). We will now try to finally teach them and see if we can't dunk these ladies!!

3.) Okay so when I say awkward I mean awka awkward. We were in the library getting some books for Gospel Principles. Well our recent convert and her grandson were in there for who knows what. As I was leaned over the counter signing that we took 2 books. Brenda, our recent convert, was behind me trying to get her little grandson to slap my butt. Well you guys haven't seen my backside in a while. I'll admit it I've gained weight but most of it is behind me not in front, so this boys target is quite big. Obviously not big enough this boy couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, he kept smacking the back of my knee. Next thing I know I hear, "No like this!" SMACK!! Yep now I have a bruised hip because I jumped forward thrusting my hip right into the counter too in front of me. The Second Counselor of the Bishopric, Brother Hansen, was in there and we met eyes like what in the world just happened. I didn't know what to do I just stood there trying to think about what has just happened. 2 thoughts came to my mind absolute polar opposites
1. Wow I never thought I'd get action on my mission.
2. Wow I am horrified. A 58-60 year old late just spanked my bottom.
I should have told her to smell her hand after she did that hahaha. Yeah #TautaisTimeOfTerrorAtChurch

4.) Here's a real simple one to get your mind of that last one. Patience is key. To everything you do in life. You need to be patient with a comp, roommate, spouse, children, the list goes on. Well my patience has been tried these past 2 transfers trying to find souls to bring into Christ. But just like fishing patience = fish, patience, long-suffering, diligence = miracles. I have seen the 2 wards I've been serving in just burst with work. It's been a tough road, but we got there and it's all because we had the patience, drive, faith, and diligence in the work.

5.) Almost done guys I promise. Zone Sports. It's brutal, crazy, hectic, chaotic, you name it. Especially when we play scatterball. It's a game of free for all dodge ball. It's a blast, until you let it consume you. Trust me. That's all our Zone wants to play, and my friends it gets heated. And I feel like a black out and go into a frenzy. Like Shark Boy when those singing bubbles drive him to eat through a metal cage, or when Bruce smells the blood Fromm Dory and tries to eat them. Anyways good thing I only have those episodes during sports and not when we get rejected and have doors slammed in our faces.

6.) Now I don't mean being in physical shape, but it does apply to it. What I am talking about is the Spiritual side of things.. Now the last transfer I had in my last area was rough and I let myself slip... BIG MISTAKE, but nothing I couldn't come back from. I have learned that it is way easier to stay in shape than to get into shape. It's been a long 2 transfers trying to get back into the swing of things. Not falling asleep during studies, having a good attitude of getting out and preaching, talking to everyone that you see on the street. But, I had a companion that whipped me into shape. Yes he was a pain in my rear end, but I have learned a lot from him. So here is a tip for all of you. Stay in shape it's a lot easier.

I love you all! Thank you all for everything you guys so for me. I miss you all!!!

FYI- I'm not getting transferred, I'll have a new companion on Wednesday.

Elder Matua

1. Studying on a mountain

2. #WhenTheMilkIsTooStrong 

3. I found a quarter on the side of the road, and it's as old as my dad.

4. This goes along with 1. We as a zone were dumb once again at 4 a.m. and hiked this mountain just see the sun rise.....................