And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WEEK 31- 7/12 MONTHS???

Sorry everyone we haven't had a blog post for several weeks now due to Elder Matua's ongoing issues with his ankle but when we received his email this week he was in much better spirits and he has been able to get out and work. He did see an orthopedic specialist and is now doing physical therapy and says that his ankle is healing and getting back to normal. So here is his latest email.

Well things have been just amazing down here in AZ!! I have been loving it. Every second! This last week has made my life, and not out here in the field but because of the people back there in WJ. 1. My Aunty was sealed to her Stud of a Husband and chunk of a son. 2. My Best Friend was baptized and is now a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 3. I got to see my family, and friends. 4. As for me I learned don't piss your Ward Mission Leader(WML) off...

1.) I got word that my Aunty Theresa was sealed in the Temple to her Husband, and son for time and all Eternity. I have such a strong testimony of Eternal Families. I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend eternity with the ones I love the most. Families are forever. Aunty I am so proud of you I love you and Jun, and I guess the kids. Thank you for strengthening my testimony of the Atonement. Keep the work up the work Oomp Loompa! Hahaha

2.) Friday was and will be the best day of my mission. Dalton, who has been one of my closest friends, was baptized. Even though I wasn't there in person I could feel the spirit that was there. My heart was filled with complete joy for the brother I have who just entered into the fold of God. I am so proud of him and the decision he made to be baptized. In following the Saviors example. He is that much closer to having eternal happiness. This Gospel has brought me more joy than I could ever ask for. And now my best friend gets to partake in that joy.

3.)This will be a short one, but I got to see my family and that made me so happy I love you all I will talk to you in 3 weeks or so.

4.)Yeah my WML was mad that we didn't make it to the Non-Member movie night.. Haha so he wrote to our Stake Mission Leader (SML) That we haven't done any work in 2 weeks. Hahaha oh well our SML knows that's not like us, so he wrote him back and said I don't believe  it. HA!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!. This week has been rough just because of some sickness, but we still get work done even if we spread walking pneumonia. Oopa!?

I love you all! I keep in my prayers everynight! I am grateful for all of you in my life! God bless.
At the temple with Junior and Theresa

Dalt, Sister Shepard and Elder Matua on baptism day

Dalton and his crew on confirmation day

Missing Elder Matua at the Temple

What an amazing day!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


UPDATE: It's been a rough week for Elder Matua. He is still dealing with issues concerning his ankle. He did meet with Pres. Wheeler and isn't going to come home but he is going in to see an orthopaedic specialist and get another x-ray to rule out a fracture/break. When he had the first x-ray done his ankle was so swollen they couldn't read it but they had initially ruled out a break. But over the past week or so he has done everything he's been asked to do (elevate, ice, rest and so forth) but it didn't seem to get any better. In fact, he said his toes were getting numb. He and his companion were given a car but with limited miles they can't do much work and he's been really frustrated and bored out of his mind...ya'll know Tai....too active and can't sit still for long. Anyways, keep him in your prayers and hope that he can heal quickly and get back to work. Meanwhile, he sent some pics home. He sends his love to you all!!!