And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


This week hasn't been the best week. So as you know I muffed up my ankle last week playing ball, so not a whole lit has been done this week. But we did do a couple of things to keep from going insane. 1. I got a new Comp! 2. We got a car!!! 3. We had a service. Yeah ahaha that's about it. Unless you want me to tell you about the book I'm reading hahaha.

1.) My new companion in Elder Kinman. He is a stud. He may look nerdy, but don't you jusge a book by it's cover! He is from Madison, Indiana. He's been out for 15 months, and is 20! We get along really well. He's quiet , but when he talks you can't help but laugh.

2.) Yeah this was exciting for about 4 hours, then our AP's told us how many miles we had for the last 2 weeks of the month. Hahaha so because my foot is in shambles we got a car. When the AP's dropped it off they said they would tell us later how many miles we would have. Being so stoked we got a call from them, and this is how the conversation went.
Me: Hey, so what's up how many miles will we have?
E. Broulim: 50
Me:Hey sorry my phone glitched out it sounded like you said 50.
E. Broulim: Yeah that's what I said 50 as in 5. 0.
Me: You're kidding me right?
E. Broulim; No I'm not kidding.
Me: What do you want me to do fif......
*Call ends*
I was so frustrated. Hahah so the excitement was short lived....

3.) I will be short with this one. We had a service for a fun run! A superhero themed fun run. Everyone was dressed up as superheroes, and having fun. It was a 5K with bounce houses incorporated into it! It was a blast!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

WEEK 24---Alright This Week Was Pretty Hectic

Okay this week has picked up a little. A lot more has been happening! So.. 1. We picked up another investigator. 2. We had kittens!!! 3. I got a busted lip... And that is about it for the week. A lot more happened I just don't have time to type it up. Just know it was a really good week!!!!!!

1.) Man we were shocked by this one. We got a random text from one of the YW in our wards. She had a friend with here at church the other week and we didn't think anything of it. But, she then texted us and said that her friend had questions, and that he would like for us to meet with him. His name is Wyatt, and he is amazing!!!!!! Absolutely GOLDEN. We gave him the 1st discussion, and he just soaked it all up! By the end of it he was so excited to dive right into the Book of Mormon. It was a win win situation, because the YW, Jadyn, has been struggling with gospel, and out of this referral we have gotten her to start reading as well, and praying daily along with Wyatt. It was so powerful to have her invite Wyatt to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. After we finished the lesson. They went straight to the Mesa Temple Visitor Center, and the Sister Missionaries were there to talk to him. That was this last Saturday, and we saw him yesterday on Sunday, and he was just beaming. I think he will go far with the Gospel. You can see the desire that he has to grow closer to his Savior, and strive to make back to our Heavenly Father.

2.) Long story short. Missionaries are not to have any pets, but this was a special circumstance.
Some dang Gato freak plopped her litter out on our back porch!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha here are the pictures. Bottom left is Negro he's all balck, on the top is Clumsy cause he can't walk in a straight line even to get out of a DUI. and the Right is See-Aye-Tea hahahaha (Say it out loud). All were girls. We put them in a box, and the mom came back for only See-Aye-Tea, and Negro, but not for Clumsy, so I being the horrible missionary I am brought her inside the apartment at 3:00 a.m. I fed her some warm milk every hour and then we left for church. Well again long story short Elder Tolman and I found her a home. The Young family took her in cause they are all about cats and they had everything to keep Clumsy healthy and strong. 

3.) Not much to this story beside I looked like a Bad A with my busted lip. I got head butted in basketball last Monday, and it bout' knocked out my 2 front teeth. Boy did it hurt! I was scared to take my retainer out. I thought my teeth would still be in it if I pulled it out......... Here are some pics!

Oh and don't wrestle when you are near someone sewing.. Good thing I only got impaled!😉
OH and the fire pics are what we do when us Elders get bored!
Love you all! Talk to you next week!!!!!!❤

Basketball injury


The kittens....

Fire trick #1

Fire trick #2

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

WEEKLY #......Okay I don't care what one it is. I'm tired of counting... (23)

This week has been same ol' same ol'. Not a whole lot has happened this past week. BUT. Here's is what has happened. 1. We picked up 2 new investigators. 2. AP exchanges.... 3. Yep that's about it.....

1.) There is a family in our area that has been hard to get in with. But, just for the members. They love us missionaries. haha. Well it is a part member family. The mom is a member, but the dad and the daughter are not. But, because the love us they invited us over for dinner and the mom said that we could start teaching the daughter. Well we met with them and both the mom and the dad sat in with Gia (the daughter). MIRACLE! We had an amazing lesson! By the end of the meeting we committed both Gia and her father to baptism, and to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. The funny thing is the dad was not to interested about the church, but he was so into the pamphlet and just nose buried in every scripture we had him read. We will see how they did next time we meet with them. And see if we can shoot for a goal date for baptism!

2.) I don't like pressure... And of course my companion is the DL over the AP's.. And he sets up exchanges with the ape's. Well yesterday we had those exchanges. But, I loved every second of it!  Elder Broulim and man was it fun. He's been out 19 months and I learned a lot from him. Here's what I learned and I advise you to try it on you mission, Have fun while you do the work. Just because you are doing hard serious work doesn't mean you can't still be adventurous, and out going, mischievous, and silly. There's just a time and a place for it. Another thing I am trying to work on... Anyways we went to this guys house. His name is Mike Sullivan. HE IS A PSYCHO!! Hahaha this man does not stop talking, not to even take a breath. Hahaha. Yesterday was probably the highlight of my week!

3.) That's all my dudes! I miss you all! I love you guys! Sorry for slacking off the past couple of week! I hope all is well back in WJ and wherever the heck you all are haha. Just one last thing.
I have seen miracles while being out here. I have seen the Lord's hand in just about everything I've done out here as well. I am so grateful for this Gospel and the peace, joy, and happiness brings not just to me, but as well as the lives of investigators. Even the members we meet with. I am grateful for everything the Lord has given me in my life. Especially all of the people he as put in my life. I thank if every morning and night for all of you. I fell the love through all the prayers sent my way! I love you all so much! Have an amazing week y'all! God bless!!!

Oh and I have officially worn a hole through both my shoes!!!!!​​
OH and I have been wanting to go fishing, and some dude has Coy fish on his front porch in a barrel, so we went fishing! Haha

Missionary NERD. Who does he get that from???

Another Arizona sunset

Man this kid and sunsets....

"Holey" shoes, wearin' em out in the service of God

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WEEK 22-No email but he did send these pictures of "beautiful sunsets" to make us jealous...I guess????