And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Monday- In order for us to get to our games this week we had to ride our bikes to the furthest chapel in the zone, Lincoln Park Ave. So we went for it. Wasn't too bad, I was really glad that my bike didn't break on me! We were getting really inpatient because we waited at our flat for an hour to know whether or not we were going to play. We kept hitting all the red lights. We played a game called Turbo! A mix of Rugby and Football with Rugby rules but aren't allowed to run forward after two touches turnover. The Best Game! After games we had to ride our bikes back.....IT POURED ON US. Elder Thorpe and I rode back with Elders Taimani and Taua going down massive hills almost getting pushed off the road by car....wooo was that a rush! Luckily we didn't get sick:)

Tuesday- District Meetingl:) After we tried to get in contact with out investigators--didn't we spent a lot of time trying to get members to come out with us. We asked Sean Papali'i (Bishop's son) to come with us and he said he would!

Relieving some stress
Wednesday- The Bishop's son came with us for a couple of hours and we visited a lot of investigators and less-active/part member families. We had so much fun with him. We really want the members to understand what we as missionaries do everyday! The day seemed to fly even though my head was pounding (headaches). We ate dinner with Bishop's family and played the silent game...hahaha it was insane what we tried to do to get each other to laugh....nothing worked but still super fun to try!

Thursday- Bishop last night asked us to use a paper he gave us full of people we needed to visit so we did. And was it a busy day! I got the finger from an old man driving past us...haha we both laughed and just kept going!

Friday- We had a miracle today, we have two people who committed to baptism, so happy for these people to change their life! Mel and Diamond Toloa!!! They are so ready!!!

Farewell to Pres. & Sis. Lekias
 Saturday- we got our hair cut and spent some time with Faleti and tried our best to stay busy...but didn't really work out that well. We were really exhausted so we went and visited one of our members. The Millers where we were told that our diets weren't of the members was a nutritionist... and told us to eat more fruit so we ate some and we had a huge energy boost...they must have put something in that orange because I was so hyper after that!

Sunday- Just a normal Sunday, we had Mel come to church. SHE LOVED IT!! Stayed for the whole three hour block! All the members thought she was a member also....she has changed everything to change herself....she stopped drinking and smoking all because she was going to church....what else is she going to give up?? We visited with our Ward Mission Leader, his home teaching family and then also met with Faleti and Nicki!

It was a BUSY week and much went on. Two months away from a year??? Where did the time go???? I love this work and I don't want it to be over:(  Love you all and have a great week:)

Admiring the BOAT!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Because we were at Moon lake last week we didn't update the blog so you'll be reading two weeks' worth of stuff....ENJOY!!!

Week of June 30 - July 6

Well Hello Everyone!:)

Monday- We played Turbo a mix between rugby and football. What a blast! We spent a whole lot of time out on the roads talking with everyone on the streets! So much fun. We met two really keen people that should be ready to share the gospel with in the next little while might be a while though:(

Tuesday- Today one of those days....first off to begin the day I discovered I had no brakes on my bike...not good, so this meant I was going to need to use my feet to stop. That worked for about twenty mintues.(There's a lot of hills in our area) Each time we had to stop to talk to someone ...I blew past them. Funny Experience- We just so happened to go down another hill..and there was an intersection coming and the light was red. Just so happened to be that I was in the road and Elder Thorpe was on the sidewalk...I had to get on the sidewalk so I did..cutting off Elder Thorpe and almost knocking him into a sign. Luckily there was enough room for him to get between it. Phew dodged a bullet there. But what came next was hilarious! So in order for us to get to our flat this meant crossing the street...Elder Thorpe went first and I followed..expect one thing decided to fall out of front tire ha ha ha. I had to walk to the middle of the road (like a waddling duck) to find that my wheel was bouncing down the hill...I set my bike down and ran after my tire ha ha ha. After getting it I got a bunch of awe-struck faces..ha ha :0 super funny.

Wednesday- I had a massive migraine...and we had District Meeting I took some meds and then had to walk up to our chapel...Elder Thorpe must have been out of it or something because we decided to cut through a field and in order to get through the field we had to STEP over a chain-link fence..and I guess the message of lift your feet didn't go to Elder Thorpe's feet so..he tripped ha ha ha. At the time it wasn't funny...because of my I had to sit and wait for him to stand back up! ha ha. When getting to District Meeting I felt so sick and had to go to the Bathroom Four times to Throw-up.. I began to feel better then I took a nap for lunch and was ready to go for the rest of the day!

Thursday- We spent a lot of time in the furthest part of our Area looking for more people to teach and get to know a little better (Mostly Members) Well didn't go as well as we thought but it was still a good try rather build relationship than not do anything. We met a new investigator Name is Rhys (Reece) Super nice guy and invited us back the next day.

Friday- Went back and caught up with Rhys and he showed us around his house and his super cool gadgets ( Engineer) he has some cool stuff! SIX cars, and all these things he has built. We also met with a really nice part-member family. The dad isn't a member but really likes us so we planned to have a Family Home Evening and dinner with them in the coming we will see what we can do to help him, and see how what the Gospel can do for him:)

Saturday- We so many appointments today with Investigators (four) We were super busy today..two of them cancelled:( Darn...guess it just happens that way sometimes...The appointment that we did get to ...we got told to leave Samoan Family The day wasn't exactly the happiest Susuga e'a faavevela le meaai that was to our investigators and then said Aveese mai o la'u fale! So we left and we were scared for Selepa so we offered a prayer and we felt better.

Sunday- Fast Sunday. We attempted to visit members before Church...didn't happen,not enough time:( So we rested for lunch and headed to Church..we had FOUR baby many people were there we had to sit outside. After Church we went and visited one of our members that lives in the Bush!! Really Far away...and then visited with the Ieremia's really nice family and that was the night.

The week was great and full of funny experiences...ahh so much fun of the Mission:)

Week of July 7- 13

Monday- Just another preparation day, getting everything ready to go for the next week. We didn't get to go shopping so we were lucky that our members fed us:) Phew...but anyways we went and played sport at the Chapel: Ping Pong, Touch ( Rugby), and Basketball...I got dunked on but it's alright I brushed it off..Super Funny P-day!

Tuesday- We had interviews with our New Mission President! President Balli! Wow is he amazing. He knew me more than I thought he cool how he can do that. Great counsel from our new president. I love him already!!

Wednesday- We had a trade-off with the Zone Leaders and went really well, learned a lot and what I needed to work on was to NOT BE SO WORRIED ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Thursday-We were having a really bad morning (Thursday) Nothing felt right, so we decided that we should go back to the flat for Lunch, we took the back way to our flat, and leading to our flat there was a down hill slope I don't have any brakes trying to stop was impossible so I had to ride on the grass to slow down...wasn't enough, and then we came to the bridge this was really bad because the bridge was wet..and then I slipped off my bike...landing on my stomach. I saw this teenage girl standing on the bridge and felt we needed to talk to her, she was crying we asked her was wrong and she told us that she just got into a fight with her boyfriend..we talked to her for a minute and then we asked her if there was anything we could do for her, she said no I have to go soon. So we said our goodbyes and left but we felt we needed to go back to find her and help her out...but when we got back there she was gone...There is no way she could walk that fast. Hopefully we'll see her again!!!

Friday- We had trade-off again with the District Leader. he was with me and we had a long talk . I felt better after we talked.The trade-off ended at Seven and we had a ward activity Ward Sports Night (our activity) So that meant that we could play so we did:) So much playing with the ward and getting to know them.

Saturday- We had workout with the District Leader at six in the morning:) Ahh was that a great way to start the morning. Was awake for the rest of the day:) We had breakfast with one of our less-active members Lorenzo Lameko! And then we ate lunch at a members house, The Huns. Dinner with the Wrights from Lotopa, Samoa. Said we may be related??

Sunday- We had a Return Missionary coming home, Hakaria he served in Japan, Sendai mission. He couldn't really speak English, he started to ramble off in Japanese..reminded me of Dillon:) Then following Church we had no food..we ended up going to our Ward Mission Leaders house to eat some food! Hamburgers and salad.  

Overall it was a great week with a lot learning experiences...and more to come I know there is:)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

At the Barber shop
Seems to be going too fast...I don't like it one bit! But besides that the past week was full of great things! So here we go:)

My stylin' haircut
Monday- We played Touch today for about 2 hours...was I sore...we planned to go to visit an investigator with Bishop Papalii and then go to his house for dinner...but it didn't happen...but we found a new investigator to make up for it!

Tuesday- No District we were out of the flat by ten and we were off to visit an investigator ...didn't answer so off to see one of our members the Misi's (Samoan). Talked to him and he told us about his conversion story:) Really good to hear these kinds of stories it's a huge motivator! We then walked through the city we began talking to an Indian man..he couldn't walk that well so he grabbed my hand and made me walk him across the street...ahh talk about funny! Oh and also went up this MASSIVE HILL to our chapel..I didn't have legs anymore..
Our home-made GYM

Wednesday- We had specialized training with President Lekias..our last meeting with him...sad but it was time for change....I gave the closing prayer...and like always I cried. I also got my package from Mom and Dad!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We also had trade-off with the District Leader I was with Elder McKewon from the UK that was probably one of the wettest days I've had...IT POURED and the bad thing was Elder McKewkon had no brakes and of course we had to go down a HUGE hill..well in short he almost ended up in the road into on-coming traffic luckily the brakes worked ...just a little bit! We were laughing so hard.

Bruises from my handle bars
Thursday- I got really down on myself because I felt like I didn't belong here in this area..I prayed and prayed and prayed but it won't go I went all day with this feeling in my chest....really hard day.

Friday- We had another experience of someone telling us he didn't want to be alive anymore...It was so hard listening to him. His name is Josh. So we listened to him talk for about an hour...and we were about to leave but the rain started up again (Heavenly Father's way of telling us to go into the home and say a prayer with him) So we did and I gave him a hug and we left.

Saturday- Was super busy. Got hair cuts and did a lot of biking around talking to people...who didn't want to talk to us...but at the end of the day we had a miracle of meeting and sharing the gospel with a man named Toamoa and shared pretty much all three lessons in a was so cool to teach by the spirit!!

Sunday- Elder Thorpe and I were fasting that we would have some investigators come to church and plus we were singing in Sacrament Meeting (Love at Home) and plus I was speaking about Faith in Christ! When the sacrament was being passed I had never felt the spirit so strong it was so peaceful and in the words of Elder Thorpe, "It feels like he is here"...Amazing! And then we sang our sounded like there were Angels helping powerful and the mood of the congregation changed for the rest of the meeting. I then spoke about Faith in Christ and The Stripling Warriors. Great Sunday!!!! After the meeting we went back to our flat..closed our fast and ate dinner and talked about the day..I felt the impression to right in my journal, and then Elder Thorpe handed me a Book.. Green Eggs and Ham (Book of Mormon Edition) I read it and it reminded me of giving some one a Book of Mormon.

This week has been great and has been one to remember! I Love You all and have a great week !:)