And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week 17

Sorry I have no time to write today but here are a few pics from through out the week! I love you all! god bless!​

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Week 15....I think??????

Dear wonderful family and friends back at home,

This week has just been AMAZING!! 1. I found a watch! 2. I had my 3rd baptism this last Saturday! 3. We had an investigator FINALLY come to church!! AND 4. Don't argue with Anti's or it will get ugly..

1. You need to know the back ground of this story or else it's just a dumb one, so here it is! I was coming down with something nasty last Monday evening, so I called the mission nurse to see what I could do, and this sister says, "Okay I want you to go and eat some oranges, and then take some ibuprofen and drink some G2 and get some rest." I was like is this some kind of sick joke??" And she then looked at my papers and said, " Oh duh!! You can't have fruit huh? Dang.... Uh I want you to drink some V8 and just down that stuff and call me in the morning if you are still feeling sick." So my Comp and I took a little bike ride over to Wal-Mart and got me some juice and then my Companion started looking at watches.. And it made me want to get another watch, but I said nope! I will save my money, and maybe somewhere down the road I will get a G-Shock or something.
Well the next morning we needed to go and make some copies of progress records, so we went to the church building and low and behold I found this BEAUTIFUL black and gold G-Shock on our way there just sitting on the ground. I don't know if it was okay for me to take it? But I prayed about it and I didn't feel guilty? So now I have a new watch Hahaha

2.Oh my gosh! I had the coolest experience this Saturday as I got to help one of our investigators take another step to receive eternal happiness. We had a baptism for our 2 Asians, Howard and Francis. And Francis asked me to baptize him, IN MANDARIN!!!!!! It was so much fun and they just were filled with so much joy that they couldn't stop smiling and laughing and hugging us! I loved it! I hope President Wheeler receives some revelation to open Mandarin speaking here in Gilbert.😉😉😂

3. So we have been working with this guy. His name is Stephen Mcguire and he has been investigating for over 15 years and just never really progress, but for the past month or so we have been able to get in with him and he has shown so much desire to become a member to this beautiful church and the family feel that it brings. He is such a stud and he is now on date to be baptized on the 28th of this month! I cannot wait. He came to church yesterday and boy did he loved it! The members welcomed him with open loving arms, and he just soaked it all in! I am grateful for his desire and for overcoming his trials to get where he is now! i just can't wait to see him enter into the waters of baptism and feel the joy that comes with being made clean from sin again, so in turn his passion for this Gospel will multiply 10 fold! It gets me so pumped!

4. Last Friday we came a across a man as Elder Tolman and I were leaving an appointment. His name was Bobby, and boy did he HATE us! He said, "Oh you guys are doing some more harassing I see!? Y'all are everywhere bugging people about your church!!" And it just escalated from there! It got to the point where he just started yelling at us about how we need to take a theology class and study our bible a little bit more. He went on to tell us that Lillith came before Adam and Eve and the Eve was made from the rib of Adam which he wasn't wrong about that, but we started getting a little heated and realized the spirit can't be with us if we are fighting with this man... So we started biking away and he yells down the street. Now keep in mine this guy his holding a toy poodle in each hand, and screaming down the road, "GO HANG YOURSELVES!!" Oh boy we just started laughing and that just made him more mad as he began to curse us out from down the street! Oh man do I wish I wasn't wearing a badge! Hahahaha

Anyways I gotta go.. I love you guys! Thank you again for all the love and support! Till next week!!

Elder Matua​

These are pictures that someone colored (Bella) and sent to me. Proudly displayed on my wall

Farm service project

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Well this past week has some amazing moments, and some not so amazing moments. 1. My companion is never going to bunny hop another curb EVER again. 2. An investigator announced she asked her dad to sign her baptismal form so that she could be baptized. 3. We have 2 more set dates for our Chinese investigators, Howard and Francis. 4. I wreck at Ticket to Ride 5. I found a very effective way to get my companion to stop snoring. And 6. Don't teach the Law of Chastity to Chinese men with out a translator there.....

1.) So, me and my companion we heading home for lunch. And I love to jump around on my bike and do wheelies and such, but that's beside the point. I was doing my usual, jumping around having fun, and Elder Tolman decided to follow my example.Well the first curb he jumped he got onto perfectly fine. The second one?? Not so much.... He jumped too early and his front tire smacked the edge of the curb and over the handle bars he went.. I watch in awe as this 5'11" 275 lbs kid went up on over his handle bars, chest bouncing off the ground, arms flailing, bike tumbling, and after that all happened (in slow motion it seemed like.) there he was laying on the ground. On his stomach with the bike on top of him and his legs all tangled up in the bike! Hahahaha I just sat a laughed as he was screaming for me to get the bike off him so he could get up. And, me being the jerk i am didn't help him up until I got a picture of him laying there! Hahaha!

2.) Here's an awesome story. We have an investigator named Sierra that has had a very rough home life and because of it, is now living with a very Gospelly, sound family. Well while being there she decided to take the missionary lessons and she is SO solid and man does she knows her stuff! Anyways she doesn't turn 18 until April, so she needs to get her parents to sign off on the baptismal forms. And, she has been really scared to ask them.. So are plan was to just wait until April.. Then. Sunday roles around and it is fast and testimony meeting, and Sierra gets up and bears her testimony, and announce that she got her dad to agree to sign the papers. tomorrow we will be meeting with her to set a date for the end of this month!

3.) We have set 2 dates for 3 people to be baptized. This Saturday will be our Asian's baptism. Howard and Francis. They are awesome and with the little English they speak, they give such profound and amazing answers! I love them. And we have a 50 year old man names Stephen that is so excited to be baptized on the 28th of January! We are so stoked for these people. We see the desire they have to follow the Savior and to progress in the Gospel.

4.) This is self-explanatory. We play Ticket to Ride during Lunch and when we get home at 9:00 after planning and other stuff. But, I always end up winning by at least like 30-40 points everytime. And, it doesn't matter who counts it the numbers are always the same. ( my house thought I was cheating...)

5.) My companion is like 5 chainsaws trying to cut a still I -beam.... And I can't sleep through that!? So every night I let him fall asleep and as soon as he fires those chainsaws up I jump out of bed, lift my pillow over my head, and whack that goofy sucker right on the chest. Now keep in mind I have a very heavy memory foam pillow so it packs a punch. Anyways.. I just sit back and watch in the dark as he wakes up in a panic wondering what just hit him, and then he roles over and just falls back asleep and there's no more snoring! It is just so dang funny to watch him freak out on the top bunk and almost fall out of bed! Hahahaha😂

6.) Usually we have a mandrin translator there with us, but this particualar night he was unavailable. So,we were teaching our Asians the Law of Chastity! Hahaha they don't speak very good English so our teaching has to be plain and very simple. So, my companion Has a very simple way to teach it. SPAM
S - Sex, no sex before wife.
P - No Pornography, naked girls bad!
A - No adultery, no cheating on wife.
M - Censor Alert
They looked at us so confused when we got to the M. Hahaha Elder Tolman says, "I know you know what it is." And Howard, bless his heart says, "I will look it up." And we freak out! NOOOOO. Hahaha boy we just taught you that pornography was bad!!
So we explained it to Francis what it was and then Francis goes, "Ohhhh NO HOWARD NO HOWARD!!" We lost it! It was so dang funny! Hahaha I love asians!!

So there is my week! I have been loving my new area, and the people I am able to serve! Thank you all for the prayers, the support and the love! I love you all! I miss you! I hope all is well up in WJ! Until next week! Love you!!

Elder Matua

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Well. This week has been freaking hectic. so to start of with 1. I got transferred AGAIN!!😥 2. I love my new comp! 3. I almost died this weekend! 4. My new Ward Mission Leader in one of my wards is related to my family!

1.) So I got transferred again... I am now in the Highland Zone. My new companion is Elder Tolman of Helena, Montana. And my new apartment consists of us, and two other stud Elders. Elder Whittaker and Elder Brown. And boy do we have fun!! I love these guys.
My new comp, Elder Tolman
2.) Me and Elder Tolman know how to do it around here. We know how to have fun while we work and we just click. We get work done and we love doing the work. Both of us were so scared who we were going to get the next morning that neither one of us slept. But, don't worry everything is okay now! We are excited to do God's work together.

3.) Okay here's a tip for riding a bike on New Year's Eve past 6:00. Don't.... Me and Elder Tolman we just simply strolling along Driftwood Rd. and the light was green to go across Baseline no cars were coming and we were headed to our apartment. Well whether the guy was drunk or not he flew through the red light and it was a freaking close one me and Elder Tolman were almost 2 pancakes across the road! Scariest moment of my life! But hey I am still alive to tell the tale!😉

4.) Like all of you already know ALL Polynesians are related. Well my new WML is Samoan, but his last name is Snuka so I didn't think anything of it haha, but on Sunday his wife came up to me and oh boy did she com in hot! "Elder Matua! Hey we are related!" I was about to say, "Lady just cause you are brown and I am brown don't mean we are related!" Hahaha but she then explained her mom is my grandma's cousin. And don't worry I confirmed it with my Dad! It is legit! 

Anyways, that is about it for the week! I will try to have more to share next week! I love you all! thank you for all the love and support! I will see you next week!😘

Elder Matua