And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ou te tuuina atu le faafetai ma le viiga i lo tatou Tama ile Lagi mo lenei avanoa:) (Ask my Dad what I just said)

This week was on the upside for sure!

Monday- We had the gym today and we played volleyball with the Tongan Ward and the District. Did the usual for p-day...laundry, cleaning, shopping and emails.

Tuesday- Had District Meeting and President Lekias came to the meeting. Some changse were made in our zone but it didn't affect me. We road bikes in the city that was a blast!! Going so fast all around the city!! Such a rush! hahaha The trade off started last night and well we got a workout, there are huge hills in the city..oh my gosh did I sleep good that night! We had like five lessons with some SUPER keen people on the street and it was great!

Wednesday- The trade off was over around 3 but we went to teach a lesson with one of the ZL's investigators that was fun. We had lunch at this Burger Place called Burger Fuel....oh was it good but later in the evening I regretted it.... I told the ZL "You fed me food from Hell." We had a crazy a experience with a palagi but we still invited him to baptism ...we gave him to the English-speaking elders to see what they can do.

Thursday- We contacted members and tried to get some more referrals..well not much success there. We had MCM (mission council meeting) at Scotia Place Chapel..and well our Ward Mission Leader forgot so we had to go to his house....and did the meeting there. We got some books to help with reading scriptures, ended up being a good night.

Friday- We had a really good companionship inventory, basically time to share what happened in the week. Really just talked and share our feelings about how to make our relationship better:)
Made the day that much better:)  Spent time with Vaiala and the Keys:)

Saturday & Sunday- Visiting but not much to report. Church awesome as usual!!!!

Sorry no pics this week, will try and get some to you next week.

Love you all have a great week:)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Well this week was probably one of the most hectic (don't know how to spell that word) weeks yet.

Monday (only day really to rest) but we had family home evening with Bro. Gatoloai 1st Counselor of the Bishopric and we shared the things we learned from General Conference:) It was nice,

we stayed for about an hour and then stopped by and visited some other ward members. WE HAVE AN AMAZING WARD!!!

Checking out my new KICKS
Tuesday- The craziness begins. Well we received a list (five pages long) of potential investigators all in our area from the sisters, Sister Tugaga and Camiletti:) There was about 50 names we had to check...there was no way we were going to be able to do that all in one day (contacting potential investigators is what we did all week). So we began knocking, talking, setting appointments and what not. Got dirty looks, sworn at, and seeing some very interesting clothing choices along the about a different country..haha

Wednesday- We had interviews with President Lekias and well that was an experience in itself. In the interview I shared everything that I felt I needed to tell him and he simply told me....don't worry about it. If it happens, it happens. You are needing to focus on now and not too far into the future...honestly I feel so much. So much BETTER!!!!

Thursday-  Our schedule was packed and we had a lot to do today. Jumping from one side of our area to the other back and forth contacting all of these people...We thought that we were going to have a Baptismal Interview for the Zone Leaders for me to do...But having the busy schedule didn't yeah we ended up staying in our area DOING WORK!!!

Friday- Was about the same just contacting all of these potentials and had no luck because some of them were at Church. Catholics, Methodists and other Christian religions were off to there "sauniga" (services). Then we had a ward dance ohhh my gosh was that funny, watching all the members make fools of themselves.

Saturday- We visited members all day just to switch things up:)  Visited our set Vaiala, Key Family, Gatoloai, and the Tapuali'i Family. Had fun with the families just talking and building relationships with one another:) Really nice to visit with them and see their personalities:)

Sunday-  Went to Church. It POURED all week and we didn't get caught in it until today. Went to church and it was PACKED. Priesthood was basically a discussion on WARD PLANS didn't even teach a lesson. Had our fafaga (dinner appointment) and taught a lesson to Vaiala.

Great week and another busy one coming up! Love the work and it gets better and better everyday:)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monday was just a normal P-day, cleaning, emailing and getting ready for the week. We visited members and did a lot of contacting new investigators. I was very frustrated with one of our members because he just would not stop talking....I told him we had to leave but he wouldn't let us so I said ( it being 9:00 pm) Ma o and got up shook his hand and we were the process of trying to planner flew out of my pocket...I didn't realize it 'til we got to the! Got a new one on Tuesday.

Tuesday- This was my first district meeting as a District Leader:) HA I was so nervous but I pulled through and I did great....I think:) We got water thrown at us riding our bikes down the road...I just laughed and said " Thank you it's a hot one today" hahahaha So glad that I was leading the way if Elder Calizo was in front....that would have been bad..Thank you for being able to atina'e onosa'i (cultivate patience)! Went through the day laughing and full of cheer. It was a great day:)

Wednesday- I was not in the best mood this morning and I went through the day with this attitude until we had a trade off w/the Zone Leaders. Elder Jorgensen and I had a Fiji woman say to him " You should be a model" What? he said. She said "You are a tall, hot guy, you should do modeling." hahaha We shook her hand and we RAN back to the car laughing our heads off!!!!! So funny! We had a lesson with our set Vaiala about the was the spirit strong:)

Thursday- We had Missionary Council Meeting in the evening...and we contacted a new investigator..a family actually that are so KEEN!!! So ready for the Gospel. I bore my testimony and we are planning to go back on Monday to share a lesson hopefully:)

Friday- Nothing to report. Friday's seem slow cause everyone just wants to start the weekend.

Saturday- Conference all day so AWESOME!!!!! I feel so full of energy and excitement for the things that I have been taught.

Sunday-  The same...Just listening to the Prophet and Apostles gave me a new appreciation for the Gospel and the work that needs to be done. And I'm blessed to be a part of it. I can't really say what my favorite talk was cause they all were amazing. But truly just hearing from the Lord's chosen servants is an inspiration.


Love you all and have a great week:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First as week as DL....
This past week so awesome! I learned more this week than any other, SO FAR!

Monday- We didn't have P-day games this week because the other district was using the we cleaned the flat and did a workout ....and took a nap. We didn't have our bags because we left them in Elder Kilpatrick's we carried Book of Mormons around while riding bikes. That was interesting in itself. We knocked doors of potential investigators from the sisters who were in the area before us.

Tuesday- Can't remember anything unusual or special happening, so nothing to report.

Random pic..Hubcap Heaven
Wednesday-  We met one of the many "dry" mormons in our area. Haha He told us " I want to hear something new....really? Do you? We are still trying to figure out what to teach him to switch his thinking around....we also met a boy named Kumora. Just like Hill Cumorah..haha Planning on visiting him this week some time. We planned a lesson with an investigator named Vaiala (who we later in the week set for baptism!!!) it fell through...but we still ended up teaching a lesson to the family:)

Thursday- Zone Meeting. The Doctrine of Christ (My personal fave subject) Listened to Elder Holland's talk from Conference Oct. 2012, The First and Great Commandment "Do you love me?" The spirit was so strong! I love this topic. Drop your nets and move on...forget yourself and work. We all as a zone were spiritually uplifted from the message and implemented in our work this week:) We also had Missionary Council meeting with the ward Mission Leader..just letting him know about all the investigators we have and what they need the most to help them out. I met some of Dad's friends from Samoa: Brother Pogai, and also Fiti Taua, Ula Papali'i and Savea Harrington. All on the same day! All telling me about my dad's awesome basketball skills. That me doesn't have anymore;) hahaha

Friday- I had the chance to go on a trade-off with Elder Huffman one of the Zone Leaders. Had a blast with him talking to people that didn't want to talk to us..(persistence) what an awesome tool to use. Also makes the day funnier. "NO I DON'T WANT TO LISTEN TO YOU" they would often say. Why not? "BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING". We had a man walking away from us, naming off all the beliefs in New Zealand except LDS. He went on to say, "I've been to Temple Square and I DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF IT!"  He just laughed and laughed and laughed. Also talked to a crazy Jehovah's Witness lady...yeah I'll just leave it at that. hahaha

Saturday- We did have a Ward Trade off (Ward Rescue) to visit all the less active members and non- members (our investigators). It went great and we did a lot of good today. After the meeting we had another meeting til about seven....with no food in our stomach we finished the night off and headed back to the flat we were hungry, so we called a member and they brought McDonalds....Thank you!

Sunday- Church :) We bore our testimonies today me, Elder Calizo and Sister Camiletti! We all did amazing with the testimonies:) I was exhausted today and I about fell asleep in Priesthood....We had our feed with the Gatoloai Family! Amazing food then we met with our investigator, Vaiala answering his questions about the difference in church standards. Why so many Rules? Why is it water and no wine? Is the Book of Mormon and the Bible the same? The spirit was so strong and I had the Baptismal Invitation in the back of my head. The spirit was telling me to invite him so I did, and he said YES!!!!! HECK YEAH!!! His baptism date is for the 19th of this Month!!! Woo Hoo Miracles!:) Love the work and time is flying faster and faster!:( Almost sad actually.....:( But making the most of the time while I can!

Love you all and have a great week:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Aso Gafua: P-day, we as a district said goodbye (not knowing that we were going to be shifted) we made a video of all of us being goofballs, playing around:) Then we played basketball. Got ready for the evening and went to a family home evening with bishop

Aso Lua: We spent a lot of the day trying to TWE (?) but nothing came of it....just open ended and no one wanted to talk to us...because they had already been stopped by other missionaries before....hard but just got to do it. Had ward trade off....good turn about and a lot of work still needs to be done in that area.

Aso Lulu: Companionship study with the District Leaders...and it went great, learned a lot!...When we went back to the flat we had two messages on our phone one from Pres Lekias. I called President back..."Elder Matua, hello well I would like to call you to be the District Leader in the Waterview Zone!" I about jumped out of my chair and I began to cry...I accepted and soon after I went to my knees in prayer! I was so that meant packing everything that night into the next day.

Aso Tofi- Transfer meeting came and went, we said our goodbyes to everyone and boom in the new! Elder Calizo crashed into a trash can and took a tumble. He's okay:) We spent today and most of the day Friday getting familiar with the area and meeting the members. So much fun meeting everyone and our area is MASSIVE thank you!!! Means more chances to work!!!Yes!!!!!!!

Aso Toonai- Visited members again getting referrals like crazy!! This is what we wanted to see!!!! :) The members love the missionary work!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!:) I love it here! I can't wait to see what else is in store!!!!