And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Another Week Finished, Another Week Wiser.

Well yet again another week has gone bye bye. And oh boy was it a WET and WINDY one. It was for sure a crazy one for us here. Let's just say that when adversity comes that's when the real You is shown.  This week was stacked with Cool Experiences!

Monday- Was pretty funny! One of the sisters in our district while playing a game called Turbo decided she'd tackle (more or less fall on) some chairs. She told us that night she had the bruise to prove it.
Tuesday- Ran into a crazy Indian man at lunch. We decided to have lunch at KFC. Elder Burns bought it but had to use the restroom. I ordered while he went. Then this Indian man walks in and begged for me to give him food. Then he followed us out and touched our feet and kissed our hands and walked away. So weird.

Wednesday- Taught a new investigator named Jordan! He is super keen. Just so you know I am a terrible cook. Made the worst lunch. Four ingredients: noodles, sugar, tomatoes, and cheese. It tasted horrible. I threw what we had all together and what we got was a mess! I am the worst at cooking. Tried and failed. It's a daily thing for us as missionaries. 

Thursday- It rained so hard. Hail battered the windows, we thought it was going to break the glass. We were soaked all day. Had a mean lesson with a new investigator named Marion. Really awkward because when we got there she'd just kicked out her boyfriend. Heaps of contention and well quite frankly he wasn't happy to see us. But it was a miracle, she said in her own words "The Mormons always show up when I need it the most" We were supposed to be there. Also had a mean lesson with a former investigator named Teamio, who was referred to us by the Parker family. She had been invited to be baptized multiple times. We extended the invitation again and she said no, but didn't say she wouldn't, we will be working with her.

Friday- We boldly testified on the great blessing of having the gospel in our lives to Jordan and his friend Ricks, and we committed them to church. Then rushed to give a blessing to a sick baby. Then gave another blessing to a non member, his name is (try to say it) Etuina Utumoengalu Utuina. I barely could even say it...

Saturday-  Companionship study with Sister Tuneti and Solia Lulai. I was super groggy and almost fell asleep. Elder Burns woke me up and had me do a role play, practicing using the Book of Mormon to resolve objections. Elder Burns and I crashed because we were so tired. Had funny conversation with Cargo a less-actives and her Friend. Who said this "Chickens are children of God also." Ay?? We told her that wasn't true but she firmly stood by what she believed. The Taani Family have one of the funniest little girls, Moso. She got in my face and started to laugh, she snorted and wouldn't let me put my shoes on, so I picked her up and moved her. She didn't want me to let her go so I laid her flat on her back, got my shoes and left. 

Sunday- Primary Program! All the kids yelled into the microphone. Still cute as could be! But by the end my ears were ringing. Helped Jane our recent convert get her Temple Recommend! That night we had a "Come and See" fireside. It was so cool, good turnout. After the Come & See we went and did a visit with our Bishop (Matelau). 
That's a little brush over of my Week:)
Hope you enjoyed it:)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Hello Family and Friends I'm back again:) I hope you all had a great week! Because I did!
Who you gonna call.....DUSTBUSTERS!!!! Ha ha cleaning church

Monday- Just a normal P-day, Elder Burns and I were the only ones playing rugby, kicking the ball back and forth to each other until it was time to go back to work. Had a lesson with recent converts about Family History. The day before we committed them to fill in the "My Family Booklet" as much as they could to allow us to teach them the importance of families receiving saving ordinances
Tuesday- Had a funny companionship study extending commitments to one another but before we took off to go to work Elder Burn's helmet got stuck and pulled heaps off his hair out. We had a sweet contact with a former investigator who investigated the Church in Fiji. We taught her about the temple and asked her if she wanted to learn more about how families can be together forever. She said we could come back. We were again threatened by a dog. The day before while planning I had a prompting to visit this house where this dog was at. The dog was behind the fence when we got there. The dog cleared the fence and charged at us. We used our bikes as shields and as weapons. I was terrified. I moved backward still holding the bike in front of me. Elder Burns followed behind me. The adrenaline in my body forced me to ride my bike so fast down a hill to get away. We laughed it off and continued working.  We worked with the Irvines today. We had them visit names on the Ward list we weren't to sure lived in our area. We met a man named Tommy Thompson who once was a member but called it quits and moved on. Failed to teach Francis a lesson and succeeded in talking to Jane in reteaching l essons. Then had an inspired trade-off with the Elders Quorum President, Bro. Lapu'aho.
Wednesday- Today was Mission Leadership Council that meant a 7 hour meeting with the special topic of planning (Making it effective). Usually it's just for the Zone Leaders but President Balli invited the District Leaders and Comps (Me) to the meeting. Following the meeting we had dinner at Mcdonald's wow is it expensive here! Had a awesome lesson with Hemi a less-active who wants to come back to church!! Gave him something to do and he said he'd do them!! Guy Fox Day means Fireworks!
Thursday- Zone Meeting was three hours, Elder Burns and I did training on nightly planning and spent two hours helping the District plan for the upcoming week! It was fun and I really enjoyed it! Following the meeting we cleaned the gym then got a ride back to the flat for lunch. After lunch back to work, talked to a recent convert (Hunter) home from school. Then had to rush to dinner with the Kints. The whole family except for the father is a member and is super keen to accept the gospel but there are some things he needs to get out of the way first.
Friday- Rugby for morning workout. Today Elder Burns had interviews with investigators for baptism so I stayed in the area with the Irvines while he did the first of two interviews. We attempted to visit the Broughtens (Investigator Family) but were told off and told to leave and go about out business somewhere else.
Saturday-  Football for morning workout- I was Quarterback...yeah we got smashed...ha it was still fun though. I had an awesome study on planning and the great importance of it. following Comp study we were off to the baptism of Dahnel. His testimony is so strong! We also taught the Restoration for the interlude! After the baptism the Stake had a carnival, which we were able to go to! We had a mean Tug-of-War with the Stake members...and....We Won!!!! There was another baptism (Alofa Peilua), I had the honor of baptizing her. We got to the baptism late and I had to change SUPER fast because they were waiting for me. Almost messed up but Elder Burns set me straight.
Sunday-  Preach My Gospel Class we taught Plan of Salvation. Sacrament meeting some changes were made to the Bishopric the spirit was so strong, everyone was crying (Bro Haiane is the new 2nd Counselor) We had an inspired meeting with Uasi an inactive member who opened up to us about his desire to come back to the fold. We shared 3 Nephi 17:7-8 I felt the power come from the scripture.  Elder Burns broke a light socket in the bathroom because I got scared by a bee. I hate the bugs here they are MASSIVE!!!


More Sea Urchins

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sea Urchins....yummy????

Hello again! I have a lot to tell about my week!

Monday- The night before some stuff went down, I was called some rude names. I had to sit on it all night. I confronted the problem and expressed how I felt. The situation turned out a whole lot better. The relationships that I have with the Elders in our flat has grown so much stronger all because of courage. What a blessing the have to Holy Ghost to teach each of us the importance of control. We also had a funny argument with an investigator about pencils. Weird!!!

Tuesday- District Meeting. Working with the senior couple in our ward is one of the funniest times, but one of the most stressful times all put into one (The next day will explain this). Many of our appointments fell through so we did what we could. As we were leaving a less-active member's home we heard a man from across the street said "Who are you?" And then added "Ye are deceivers of the truth", and "your doctrine says that Satan is Jesus' Brother". Quite an angry man. We talked for a few minutes and then moved on because he just wanted to argue.

Wednesday- While traveling with the Irvines to an appointment with a recent convert a bird pooped on Elder Burns' window and he about threw up. Before getting to the actual lesson Sister Irvine asked me if I would say the prayer; she said, "Sister Matua is a Young Women's President." Elder Burns sat there laughing while I was super surprised, not sure why she said that but I was hoping to ask this contact if we were related. Plus Elder Irvine being the driver about killed us while driving from appointment to appointment; driving on the opposite side of the road, almost running into islands in the road. Yeah it was scary. We had a lesson with the Sisters in our District, Sister Kelli and Kata. Vai is her name. She had some really deep questions, she is a 7th Day Adventure I mean 7th Day Adventist. A very spiritual person who has read almost the whole Book of Mormon! One of the Elect!

Thursday-Another day of work and humor. I attempted to fix my bike....didn't work. Spent an hour on it just to find out the the little pin that keeps the air in the tube was broken! In frustration I called it quits and to relieve the stress I made lunch for Elder Burns, then everything turned out okay:) I learned a lesson today that missionaries should NOT talk with teenage girls because they tend to have misconceptions about what you are doing here. They try and sell themselves to us, so you could say they "Reveal" who they really are. Then we were mocked while visiting with an in-active member (Ta'ala Family), the friend of the father pulled into the driveway yelling a Samoan word out his window he said "Pepelo" (liars in English). So grateful I was the only one that understood what was said. Later, Elder Burns was attacked by a Shiz Tsu. But nothing too serious just a little jump from the dog trying to bite him. Elder Burns told me gave the dog a knee to the stomach. To conclude the night we had a super inspired lesson with Nestacia. Phoenix's Partner:) She's been reading the Book of Mormon and had some really cool analogies. She related the Book of Mormon to the Lord of The Rings. We invited her to baptism but she said she wanted to wait until she got to the middle of the book.. NO!!!! We tried our best to teach her the reasoning behind it, and asked her to have a kneeling prayer with her. But Elder Irvine took the situation into his hands and said the prayer for defeated the whole purpose of having her pray. We were a little upset but hopefully we can get her to pray next time.

Friday- The Assistants (Elders Talamaivao and Huffman) had a Trade-off with The Zone Leaders, which meant that they would need to spend the night. Friday morning we played rugby at the Local park for morning workout! What a great workout! Kept me awake all day. We had an awesome idea to play a game during lunch. It consisted of a box and flexibility. In the process of bending down I attempted to bounce to get the box ( Bad Idea). My hip bone popped and I jumped up and immediately grabbed my right bum cheek. Everyone laughed at me. While walking around during the day Elder Burns and I had a deep talk about concerns and worries that we had. Having someone to talk to really eased my mind.

Saturday-We ran into an atheist couple who verbally attacked us with questions concerning God. And why religion causes people to fight. Why should we give our money to a church. He had a whole lot of concerns. We felt so confident about the truths of the Gospel we ended up teaching them the Gospel for two hours. Each question they had we were able to teach a Gospel truth. Also had a full on conversation with a Samoan lady, haven't done that for a while. It felt really good. Ran into a member from my first area who is currently the Bishop, Bishop Afui'e. Then one of the scariest moments of my life. Always ask what is in the food before you eat it. The Taukolo and Tutagalevao families fed us a sandwich with AVOCADOS!! I didn't know there was until one of the little kids ran out and asked what's on the sandwiches. I have never pedaled so fast back to our flat. I took allergy meds and I was okay for the rest of the day.

Sunday- I learned another lesson about SIN. Gospel Principles lesson was on repentance. What I found out was this, Satan works on us by attaching thoughts of sins and feelings we have, that leads to sinful actions. So keep your thoughts and feelings clean so that we don't have the temptation to act on those feelings. Visited with Pita, he was the only one we visited. He shared stories about Tonga and his crazy dad killing cats. Ha, Ha! To end the night we had a visit with Phoenix. He was hung over. Couldn't really teach a lesson so we talked to him. So sad to see him regress, but hope we can help him on his way towards the Savior.

Halloween...look closely!!!!
Hope your week is amazing and full of happiness:)