And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Me in my Awesome $7 suit!!!
Yeah I know it's been two weeks since we last posted anything. But it's been a crazy 2 weeks to say the least. So. I'll post Elder Matua's email from June 14, then I'll give you all an UPDATE on his condition and health...WHAAATTT?

Hello Yet again:)  The District has made some big improvements. Especially Elder Pemberton and Fougorouse. Elders Kreiger and Perritt went to do a "Surprise Companionship Study" with them. Elder Fougorouse had just woke up and got out of the shower. The Zone Leaders had spoken to him about giving you a call concerning the matter. Their companionship has changed quite a bit. They are working in unity to get the work done in Takapuna Ward.
Elder Kafalava and Mahoney are doing well also. Elder Mahoney has been a little sick but is pushing through. Trade off was a success. Quite a few miracles came out of it! New investigators, and quite a few potentials. It was a great week for a whole lot of reasons. Goals were accomplished. Work was done and focus on the work was oh so sweet.
For my companion and I we are still searching for the elect to teach. But in the process we are setting up the area for other missionaries in the future! Find potentials left and right, being friendly and serving those around us everyday. It gets more fun and more fun every day! I absolutely LOVE it! Still trying to figure out how to make our companionship even better than it is right now and trying to make improvements to our area.

Elder Iakopo trying on "NEW" shoes on member's porch

Light Sabre
OK, now for the UPDATE!!! We got a call from President Balli last Friday (yeah it was a shock!!!) informing us that Elder Matua was going in for surgery (out-patient). Needless to say, we were nervous but Pres. Balli assured us that Elder Matua would be in good hands. He started having pain again (you'll have to ask him when he gets home about the pain) and rather than prolong his suffering, Pres. Balli decided he needed to have this procedure done and called to get our permission. We also spoke with the doctor and he answered our questions and that helped ease our concerns. He wasn't able to really email because he's been on pain killers and he needs to be off his feet and resting. BUT it was great to get a "Father's Day" call on Saturday with permission from his mission president. He says he's doing well and should be back to 100% within 2 weeks. So hopefully we'll get a better idea of how he's doing on Sunday when he emails. Here are a few pictures from the hospital....He sends his love to everyone and says he's getting nervous because he's short-timing, a little over 10 more weeks from today!!!!
Ohhhhh the pain. Hospitals NO FUN!!!

Post-op...getting ready to go home

Chillin' at home..recovery time!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

 Hello! The week went well much better than the last, with our focus to find five new investigators it was achieved! We are very happy in saying that we followed the spirit and really let the Holy Ghost be the guide this week. We had some really good potentials come out of it. So we've got a lot of work to do this week! We are so ready to just do it! Along with following the spirit we had the opportunity to give a blessing to a part-member family we are visiting, the Mataafa Family. We've been working with the father for quite some time and is progressing well. He came to church this week on his own along with the kids! Elder Iakopo and I were so excited!
I came to a realization this week yet again with the power of fasting. Church was a huge testimony builder of listening. Teaching two classes was a big test for us. But when relying on the spirit and listening with charity it brings clarity. I have a very firm witness now of the importance of fasting. What great spiritual power it has given to me. One day a week without a temporal intake of food or worldly desires brings six days of spiritual capacity to endure. It's amazing to me how powerful fasting really is. Everything physical is shut off and spiritual is turned on. The more we turn off the physical and turn on the spiritual we always get the benefits. In order for a more spiritual experience of fasting is this. Getting rid of the world and listening to the sways of the Spirit! It works!
Trade-off on Friday was a success for us with Elder Pemberton and Fougerouse. Many concerns from Elder Fougerouse were shared about his companions. A lot was shared and a lot was resolved. Studying has been a problem for him so I gave him some suggestions on what might help him out. Start with a question, seek for things that answer your question, and seek how what you learned can be applied. Elder Pemberton is seeking to do things his own way and leaving his companion behind. Preparations are being made to let him know that when you are working together you are much stronger. Gained some guidance from Elder Perritt on how I might help him realize what needs to change.
Elder Mahoney and Kafalava are doing much better than in previous times. Much more progression has been made in their companionship. Yet again another really good week. Elder Iakopo and I were able to help them out this week with shopping, and in return they feed us some dinner, tacos. Really grateful for the District we are even though we have a few hiccups that need to be fixed!
I hope all is going well for you and may Heavenly Father's blessings be upon you:)
Making dinner with the District

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

This past week was a struggle for me and my companion. Nothing was working for us hitting road blocks, and running into dead ends. Elder Kreiger gave some great counsel to me. "It was a good week if you didn't break any of the "Four Loves" this week." or in other words if you loved your companion, the people, leaders, and area it was a good week. It was some good counsel for me, he also included that sometimes we have to change the little things to build up desires to continue and endure. This week is going to be much better for us as a companionship. Teaching investigators was a struggle, Hit and miss visits, Overall we need to make some changes to what we are doing. 
Elder Fougerousse, Pemberton, Kafalava, and Mahoney are slowly progressing. Really wish there was a way to help them out more. We were not able to have our trade-offs this week, too much going on for me and my companion. We are trying to do what we can for the district but I sense that Elder Mahoney does not want to take anything that I shared with him into consideration and use it. It hurts but I do not know what else I need to do to help him out. But I feel that the best thing to do now is just fasting and praying that something will change and that they will recognize that I really do care for them and want them to progress. It's painful to watch but there's nothing I can do, it's all up to him to change.                         
I hope you all have a good week!