And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Munching on sugar cane
Monday- Just another P-day full of Games and Laughs! I made up a new move for volleyball it's called the "Shovel when your in trouble" one of the best moves when you are in a pickle. haha All created by...the one and only Elder Matua yeahh;) Oh the joy of making myself look like a complete idiot in front of my District:) We had a lesson tonight with Mel , she's progressing and hopefully will get baptized soon.

Tuesday- It was District Meeting time and the topic was teaching the Sacrament. We made a lesson plan and taught the principles of the lesson. It went really well and the goal was to be able to invite the person you were teaching to accept the invitation of baptism.  We did it and they accepted the invite....mission accomplished!! hehe:) We were also given the invitation to invite daily to baptism! We were pumped up to go for it...but we got into a Bible showdown with a Seventh Day Adventist...wasn't exactly the best but we walked away with heads held high and continued and found another keen it pays off to get denied by someone because there is always someone else around the corner that is ready! In the process of teaching about the Book of Mormon we were interrupted by a woman of a different church that used some explicit language to explain our church. We ignored her and we continued to teach, and he invited us to his house. Success!

Wednesday- All of our schedule was jumbled up because the Zone Leaders sent us three referrals with set appointments....Graeme was the first person on the list to see:) And well whatever the Zone Leaders did to him he was prepared for us. He claimed he was a healer, and we taught him about the Priesthood and the restoration of it:) He said I know it's true because Jesus told me and we invited him to baptism and he said "Yes"! We also had a kneeling prayer with him and he asked if these things were true and he got his Spiritual Witness. He asked,  "What time is your service at?" So hopefully he'll come to church.

Thursday- The day was super slow, nothing was happening, no one was out to talk with so we had to go through our schedule trying to find someone to talk to. To make matters worse, my bike tire EXPLODED! So we had to walk home...then we had an appointment with Mel the Golden Investigator! She's the best, we taught the Plan Of Salvation!:) She loved it and it made sense to her!:)

Friday- Not having a bike makes things really hard and we weren't able to do much work. So we were only able to stay close to our flat so we did what we could. Later in the day we went to see Mel and her family. We ended up playing with the kids for a while it was the best idea I think we had! I had the biggest feeling of joy come to me. She calls us her BLESSING FROM HEAVEN.

Saturday- We had Trade off with Elder Kreiger, and I was chosen to be with him! I was so grateful for this Trade-off because I was able to have a really good talk. We talked a lot about things that have happened to us on the mission, things we are trying to work on as best as we can. We talked for a while and I felt good to talk to him about things.

Sunday- Spoke in Sacrament again, about faith and the rest of the day just seemed to fly and went too fast to even remember what had happened today.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Monday- For P-day we did a quick shopping trip and then headed up to Massey Chapel (the chapel furthest away from us...) It took a while and we ended up playing basketball, volleyball, and touch rugby! We had an appointment with Mel but we didn't have another male so we began to frantically look for someone to come with us to the lesson. We found Fetai, who is preparing for his mission. We were teaching the Law of Chastity...really awkward for Fetai. After the lesson Mel brought up a question but didn't want to ask it with her son around. We told her we'd discuss it another time when her son wasn't around. I'm really beginning to feel like she may be ready, hopefully she'll commit soon.

Tuesday- Was so busy. We started with a lot of contacting less-active/unknown members many of them were gone, many did not answer their doors, and others weren't home. A funny experience was when we walked up to another less-actives house and we could hear the sound of "JESUS LOVES ME" by BeyoncĂ©, ha ha ha too funny!  Elder Lolohea's chain broke going up a we had to cancel our meeting with Ward Mission Leader. We had the great idea to use some sugar cane we had received earlier in the day as a baton for me to pull Elder Lolohea around town with a chain-less bike.  ha ha  soo funny! Luckily he didn't crash!!

Wednesday- We had specialized training today with President and Sister Balli.  He is so good! He talked a lot about the difference between obedience and disobedience, and he simply said that if your heart is into being obedient you are being Exactly Obedient!  We visited Selepa (Investigator), then we had some visits, met with our Mission Leader about getting families to open up their homes to us to have Family Home Evening with them.

Thursday- Checked up on some less-actives and ended up getting lunch from one our less active families. The rest of the day was trying to get in touch with part-members and more less-actives. We also had an appointment with Mel, we had intended to teach the Plan of Salvation..we opened with a song, but the lesson ended up being a talk about what she felt about what she was learning (testimony basically). We headed to Bishop's house to talk to Bishop but he wasn't there so we shared a bible video with one of the Bishop's sons.

Friday- Today was kind of a struggle for me. Just one of those times I guess on the mission when you have to work through it. We had to cross the street to get to our appointment, but my bike chain locked up and my hand reached for the brake and sure enough I pulled it too hard and I flew off my bike and opened up the same cut in my hand....out of frustration I threw my bike. We found a bench and sat down to cool off and talk. I told Elder Lolohea how I felt. We talked for a while and then got back on the bikes and headed to our appoinment. Frustrating day but I know it'll get better

Saturday- Quiet day, time to visit and just kind of reflect on the week.

Sunday- Had a "Come and See" fireside, we took Diamond and he loved it! Church always helps to raise my spirits, love feeling recharged for the week.

Not a very eventful week, but I hope the next week will bring some new and exciting things:) LOVE YOU ALL and thanks again for your love and support!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

How does my Samoan sound now?? Aye Dad? Malo le soifua le aiga alii! Ou te momoli atu lo'u alofa mo si o'u uso o Garrett!! Manuia lou aso fanau! Oka ua vave le taimi! Ou te amata la'u lipoti i le tuuina atu o la'u faafetai ma le viiga i le tatou Tama o ile lagi mo lenei avanoa matagofie e faapea ona ia tuuina mai ia te a'u e mafai ona faasoa atu la'u vaiaso na te'a.. Na lelei lava gaioiga ile ma vaiaso na te'a. Sa ma mauaina ai e to'avalu tagata sailiili fou i se aso e tasi, o se aiga mai Tuvalu!! Wooo!!!

Monday- Well no sports today so that meant....trying to finding something to do, didn't work out so well because we ended up sleeping for a couple hours, Boring!!!! But we spent the night contacting some less-actives, Kakuna was his name he's 16 and hasn't been to church for a about six months. So we took the liberty of trying to get him to come back (without forcing) Said he wanted to but not to sure how serious he is about that.

Tuesday- Well today was spent visiting some more people on an "unknown" list giving to us by Bishop. In the process we were able to pick up a new investigator named Thomas, a Fijian man who has a brother-in-law that's a member. He seemed interested so we asked if we could come back to visit some time he said yes but in the process asked for some pamphlets..I was hoping to have a Restoration booklet but all we had was Gospel of Jesus Christ and Plan of Salvation. He took them and said thanks. We had lunch with Nicki and Faleti (part-member family), we ate these massive meat pies plus some sweet rolls!I didn't want to get back on my bike, I felt like I was going to fall asleep..oops! A lot of our other visits fell through...pretty frustrating. We didn't have our Missionary Meeting so we had to make a side plan for the evening..and well it didn't go as well as we planned. We visited Jade and Daniel- a recently baptized family who has been struggling to come back to church but told us to come back tomorrow. We visited with the Ieremia family..I felt the prompting to go there and well it was one we needed to follow because Sister Ieremia was having a hard time trying to deal with her ailing father. We bore testimony about how families are forever...great visit.

Wednesday- The morning started out with a visit to Rosanna a Filipino woman who invited us to lunch on Friday..sweet free lunch!! We then continued to go to see a handicapped woman who hasn't been able to come back to church for quite some time. She can't really walk so we usually have to stand by her door to have her say whether or not we can talk to her, we waited for about ten mintues..then out of nowhere this lady comes to the door and asks, "what's going on?!" We said we are waiting to be invited in.....she then said You two look like a bunch of Burglars! Elder Lolohea looked at me and I look at him and shrugged our shoulders, then she says "come back another day." Had lunch with Alex Aiono (also a less-active), he said his son hasn't been baptized but he has to get authorization from the Boss...His wife who isn't a member. But I guess we will have to patient.

Thursday- We had trade-off after our zone training meeting. The meeting went great...and guess who was there? Elder Uta'i the long lost but not so far cousin. Wow has he changed...for the better of course:) We had scheduled an appointment to go see Lorenzo one of Dad's old friends from Samoa but that fell through. I had trade off with Elder Hall the one from my first good to see him again ! We worked the same as any other day. But seemed to be a lot more doors being slammed in our faces...which just made us laugh. We had an appointment tonight with Mel and Diamond two of our most prepared investigators:) We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and she loved it! She is wanting to stop smoking and told her this is the way to quit. We also gave her a blessing for comfort and counsel on recieving help from Heavenly Father:)

Friday- Today was probably one the longest days of the week just because it was a rainy and cold ..not many people were out to talk to:/ We were able to meet with Trisha McCallister (less-active family also) We talked for a while and let her basically vent to us about Rugby player husband.

Saturday- It was basically the same as was a warmer day and no clouds but  no one was out to talk peaceful. We had dinner with Leato's and Salanoa's, it was a blast!:)

Sunday- I really needed today, Church seemed to make everything better:) Thank goodness:) After Church we got a ride from Leatos again:) The Best Family:) After Dinner we had trade off with Ward Mission Leader and Fetai Sekona who is preparing for his mission. Had a fun time with Reece teaching, he is the best!

ALOFA ATU MO OUTOU UMA, manuia le vaiaso :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Best to Elder Thorpe in his new area...gonna miss you, Elder!!!

 Hello Everyone! I hope your week has been great and full of greatness! haha jokes I hope it was great:)

Monday-  The best P-day I think I have ever had!! We went to a place called Piha:) And also went to go see a waterfall called Kitekite Falls! Oh my gosh was it beautiful! We all had a blast! BEST P-Day ever! Had an awesome lesson with Mel and Diamond, taught about the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday- We had District Meeting, the only difference was that the Sisters weren't there, one of the sisters finished her mission last week:( It was sad to see her go but back to Samoa she went! The day was spent in the hilly part of our area. Visiting less-actives and part member families. We met a Sister of  Grandma Faleupolu's (Dad's mom) companions. I cried and cried because it almost felt as if she was there when Sis. Fleming was talking about her. Ah was that cool to meet her. We also had our mission coordinating meeting with our ward Mission Leader. Then we got stuck at the chapel because our recent convert Sigi promised us a ride. Oh well, walked home, no big deal...

Wednesday- We told one of our members with us to go on visits and well that was an adventure in itself....alot of driving, stopping and visiting. Then we got the call about transfers...Elder Thorpe is no longer my companion, he has been called to serve In Whangarei! and I am to stay here in Henderson! Sad to say I will really miss this companion..he was the best companion I've had!

Thursday- Transfer day(Sad Day) I was really dreading this day....I didn't want to lose this companion, so many funny experiences and memories. Elder Kieger and I had a trade-off until I got my new companion...I was nervous to meet him but when I met him....the nervous feeling left me. My new companion is from Tonga,
Elder Lolohea! He's the best and I hope to be able to help him with his English! Elder Uta'i was transferred here also:) (Cousin Oscar)

Friday- First full day with the new comp, he has no fear even though he can't speak English that well, it really helped out to see his effort! We actually met a new person, we were told that he was keen, we did some service for him. His name is Murphy, a British man hadn't allowed any missionaries in his house for 26 years..totally brought the spirit when he said that and we were in awe!  He said we could come back anytime to talk.!!!

Saturday- Really slow but that is normal for a Saturday..nothing to report.

Sunday- Fast and Testimony Meeting, Elder Lolohea and I bore our testimonies and we taught a class for one of our less-actives. We took the Bishop's sons out with us to visit some people and they had a blast!

Love you all and have a great week everyone!:)
Looking forward to new adventures with Elder Lolohea!!!