And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hello Family!!!! Here's the week:)

Monday- P-Day we cleaned up the flat for half of comp to shopping with Elder Tascon. I loved the video of the Family Home Evening @ Grandma's. Thank you for that! Jennie "My nose will have a baby too!"..Great Grandma Burt " Where have you been all my life?" Both sayings were super hilarious! Met some Elders who just finished their mission in the Phillipines, then we played rugby....super fun!!! But I had some nasty blisters!! Played a game for Family Home Evening (Pitch, Hit, Read) Book of Mormon guessing the chapter:) Super fun!

Tuesday- District Meeting was all in Samoan and when we finished we took pictures (explains some of the pictures:) Had lunch with the District Leader and Elder Pulito and Elder Faasege:) Practiced a song for fun, Hymn 26, the First Vision. Helped our ward mission leader fix up some cars.

Wednesday-Companionship study with the District Leader and Elder Sione:) Did a lot of door knocking and well nothing came of it....but at least we tried. Visited a member and they said I had to sing a viiga (hymn) tomorrow when we visted...thanks....

Thursday Super slow also....nothing happened. The song I sang was A iai i le Aiga ma Elder Calizo, sounded good!:) We ate pizza at a member's house with this stuff called marmaid?...weird stuff..then watched volleyball at the fale sa (church):)

Friday and Saturday kind of a blur, can't think of anything exciting that happened. A couple of days that just flew by.

Sunday- We opened a fast last night for the area and went all day 'til afa le lima (5:30). It was an amazing day and I had a great spiritual experience that I will have to share with you all when I get home.

 Love you all FA:)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cyclone Lusi

Sorry everyone that this is late, I didn't have time to update Elder Matua's blog because I left for St. George and didn't get back until today. So here is his email from last week.

Hello Family and friends:) At the request of my mother she asked if I could report on the week day by day so....let's see how good my memory is:)

Monday- Just a normal P-day full of emailing mom and dad about the past week. We played rugby at a park in Otara for P-day...and my BODY WAS SO SORE! Couldn't walk straight 'til Wednesday.
Had a family home evening at a member's house, aiga o (family of) Tema. Awesome family, I cried as I shared my testimony of the always.
At the park for P-day
Tuesday-We had a special training meeting with President Lekias to help us with our lesson plan making. After the meeting we picked up the ward's potential mission Fiali'i, he comes with us almost everyday to help him prepare for the mission life..and we SET SOMEONE FOR BAPTISM!!!!!! Next month.

Wednesday- Nothing really happened today we knocked a lot of doors and well we found FOUR new investigators plus a new family!!! We have got a lot of work to do! Fiali'i was with us again. We had a trade off, Elder Calizo was with Elder Utia(District Leader) and I was with Fiali'i. Nothing happened....the rest of the night no one new. We sang to someone on the street...There is sunshine in my soul today..brought the spirit so strong!!!

Thursday-A lot better. We visited less-actives...and more less actives...and members...non of our investigators answered their faitoto'a (doors) ....really tough today!

Friday- Today was an answer to my prayers...We had companionship study with Elder Utia and he left us with some great advice to help us with talking to everyone and we used his advice as best as we could. We had a prompting to visit one of our members so we followed it and I am so glad I did!! Brother To'ona'a shared with us his plan to help the ward with the missionary work...having a seminar with nothing related to the Church....learning how to plant fruits and vegetables. Elder Calizo and I bore our testimonies to him and BOOM felt the spirit and he thanked us for the encouragement!'
The wrath of Cyclone Lusi ;(

Saturday- CYCLONE!!!!! Wasn't that bad the Lord was watching over us when we were working The storm seemed to just go around us until we went home...and then it poured down on us...

Sunday- We had meetings all day...I was so tired...SOOOOOOO Tired!!! Great week full of work and full of the spirit! Almost finished with the Book of Mormon!!! WOOO HOOO, I'm in Ether chapter 3:)

Love you all :) Stay Healthy and REMEMBER THE SAVIOR IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

Alma 26:12 READ IT!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Being Bold....and Learning to be Patient

Bike Repairs
Well to begin I'd like to thank our Father which is in heaven for this chance to send this e-mail to you:)

A whole fish...delicious!!!!
I'll stick to the positives this week because this past week didn't go as we expected it would. But we had a chance to really work with members of the ward ....building their confidence and being BOLD, saying we need your help with this work NOW!!! Well not in a mean way...just out of Love and a lot of spirit to back it up! But I'm grateful for the members of this ward. Do all things with Love and the Lord will do the rest! Slowing realizing that. But we also had the chance to take some potential missionaries out to do some missionary work and let them experience the work...Fialii Tautai and Sapati! Had fun with them!;)
A lot of talking with members trying to get there help and getting to know the area better. I hope it works!!!!

Love you all:) Have a great week::)

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Challenges, Same Great Spirit

Hello My Dear Family!!
How are all of you?
I'm glad to say that my companion and I found two new families and 3 new investigators:)
So excited to see what will happen! The work is picking up.Yes, I think the work will be going a lot smoother now! I pray everyday that it will:)
The work is quick and everyday is getting faster and faster! I love it! I love it! I love it!
One of our NEW investigators is AOG (Assembly of God) Pastor with a family of six ! He had some really interesting questions about Salvation...we taught the Plan of Salvation...but he can't wrap his head around it quite yet and we are planning to go back to his house:) We have been studying the Bible so much! It's so good! I've learned about how the Book of Mormon and Bible are SOOOOOO TRUE!!!
We switched areas and now we cover a different part of the ward...a lot more members and a lot more opportunities to share the gospel!!!:)

Love you all and have a good week:)