And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Me and my new comp, Elder Thorpe.
Well, the news is I have been transferred and into a different program....English and in Henderson!
New companion and new area..nervous yes...excited yes! Elder Thorpe is my new companion from Layton, Utah!

Tuesday- Was the day I got my call from the Assistants letting me know that I was being transferred...sad but its His plan not's okay:) So I began packing....I was super excited to meet my new companion.

Wednesday- Last day in the area..visited members and investigators saying last goodbyes and what not. I really connected with this area and so much change had a occurred in me that I didn't want to leave ..hurts to leave. But it had to happen!

Thursday- Transfer meeting and finishing up packing I thought I lost my camera cord...luckily I found it..phew! Anyway first day in the new area super nervous to get my new companion...but the funny thing is is that I have met Elder Thorpe before....during the Mission Temple trip. We hit it off just fine, sat down and talked together for a minute getting to know each other then off to work...we didn't have bikes because Elder Thorpe's bike was we walked. OUR AREA IS MASSIVE!!!! Met with some investigators and my feet were sore, hadn't done that much walking since my first area.

Friday- Today was Weekly Planning and did we plan...we went into some deep detail on what was needed to be done for our investigators to progress and come to church and also finding new investigators....We had two appointments today but they fell through...We had to come back to our flat for dinner we sat and waited for forty minutes then our investigator came, Lekasa was his name. He took us to his house and we ate and shared a message about the Title of Liberty. the spirit was so strong! Then we contacted our some of our other investigators with the help of Lekasa and his car.

Saturday- I dread Saturdays, no is never home, always with sports and stuff like we did what we could and talked with anyone we could...still ended up being a really good day though staying positive at all times!

Sunday- First Sunday in a different ward and in a different program. I dislike first Sunday's in a new ward...but it turned out to be really good. I was able to meet with the members and talk with them a little bit. The ward is great, we didn't have a class our ward mission leader was gone on holiday so we had no class to go to...we spent it making copies of progress was also Ward Conference and also a ward dinner it was really good to see ALL of the ward together. Met some ward members that know Grandpa Moa! Sunday ended up being really great!

Love you all and have a great week!:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello Everyone:)

Monday- We met with our newest investigator Ata, with the Zone Leaders. We invited her to baptism and had a kneeling prayer ( The best way to get an answer to anything) She received her answer and said" I think I will go ahead with the baptism thing"...but she wants to learn more before being fully committed to baptism. We also had to ride our bikes in the rain! So fun!

Tuesday- District Meeting was so great the topic was kneeling really helped with it being a focus last week and putting it to practice. It went so well and I know that the Sisters and Elder Calizo learned something new that could help them out! We also had Trade-Off with the Zone did I need this trade off. I have a different perspective on everything that I do as a missionary now. "Give the Lord the key to your heart, do His will and please the Father" I have been changed once again. I am becoming more and more converted to the Lord everyday. This day marks another day of personal deepening of conversion. Please the Father. My life has been changed and everything I do will always be done with the Father's authorization first of what he would have me do.

Wednesday- Concluding the trade off we listened to a talk from Elder Bruce R. McConkie, That we know the Saviour! I want to KNOW the Saviour more fully than I do right now! The spirit was so strong and I was spiritually pierced to the soul and knew THE LORDS WILL IS FIRST. My whole heart's desire is to please Him! We also had a companionship study with the Samoan Sisters helping them feel the spirit in all things and being able to recognize it! It was a great companionship study, the spirit was for sure present! One of the sisters is finishing this coming week and wow was she crying....I hope I don't do that...

Thursday- We were riding our bikes so much today talking with people that we met on the street..not much success today but we were able to have a really good lesson with Vito one of our investigators, the Restoration went really well and then headed to our meeting with our Ward Mission Leader. One of the best ones we have had. We were able to find fellowships for all our investigators and discussed what the next step is for them!

Friday- We met with Ata today, just to catch up and talk for a minute and invite her to come to church with us..she said yes...then headed to Lisa of the many less actives in our area and talked to her brother James, who served in Samoa but is less active also....really sad:( So we talked to them and got to know them a little better:)

Saturday- We had Ward Trade off with seven ward members! So I was with the Ward Mission Leader visiting with investigators..went really well...

Sunday- Five investigators came to church today! Oh I was so happy and I hope they enjoyed it! We had a feed with the Key Family. We also had an appointment with two other investigators and shared the Restoration with them also. Invited them to be baptised and they but want to hear more about the lessons so we set up an appointment for next week Sunday!  Transfers are also this we will see what happens. I may be staying....I may be leaving...but I will know on Wednesday.

I love you and I hope you all have a great week!! :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Monday- Started off with a Bang!! We were able to meet with a new investigator, Ata and her family. Super keen to learn more about the Gospel. Her husband actually passed away about two months ago...really sad. But it brought up a lot questions she had about eternal life and she came to us to find out more about our view on the topic. So we taught her about the plan of salvation and told her that she'd be able to see her husband again. She was sobbing. She asked why was he taken away from me? Then we said..if you want to know you need to pray and be specific about what you want to know. We all knelt down and Ata gave the most heart-felt prayer then we concluded the visit.

Tuesday- We had a follow-up meeting with Ata. She ran out of the house to meet with us and she told us about her experience last night. (Ata's experience) "I went to bed at about one and around four I had a dream, I saw a man who I didn't know...I walked up to him and I touched was my husband, he told me...why are you so worried? I'm still here. Don't worry."  She went on the say I awoke and said thank you to Heavenly Father for the sign that it is true! We invited her to baptism...but she said she needed to think about it. Soo so so so cool!!! The Spirit was so strong! We hope to get her on the path to baptism.

Wednesday- No one wanted to even acknowledge one answered their door...nothing was working for us..the whole day. I felt so inadequate and went home that night and called President Lekias. I called the Zone Leaders and asked them for guidance because I was feeling pretty down. They told me to pray for an answer and I felt better.

Thursday- We Had Zone Meeting and following the meeting I received some mail from Dad and Grandma !!! I cried,  Dad telling me to watch what I eat. Grandma sending her LOVE like always. It was so good to hear from them, it was what I needed at that time.

Friday- We had another really hard day with no success...we were exhausted by dinner time and we felt like giving up...we did what we could and once again..nothing was happening so the whole night we rode around looking for people to talk one...that was the day. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

Saturday- I still felt terrible this morning..then I remembered what Elder Jorgensen said to me....DON'T BE STRESS BE HAPPY. So I did as he said and my attitude changed for the whole day. We attempted to invite someone to baptism....he said no but we didn't get mad....we worked through it and we found a Samoan man with no religion and he invited us to come to his home tomorrow and teach him about our church! Really cool how that works!

Sunday- I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting in Samoan...I'll have to send the copy of the talk so you all can see what I spoke about...I felt like a natural and only stumbled over one word, yes a very long word and hard to pronounce...I think I did pretty good:) I asked how it sounded and the ward said it was like you've known the language all along! High note of the week! We also went out with our Ward Mission Leader and he took us to a bunch of people we didn't even know about that we can teach!! Our Ward Mission Leader is the Best!!! Love Him.

Well that's my week and yes was it packed with Highs and Lows...and a whole lot to look forward to!  Love you all and I hope all of you have a great week LOVE YOU ALLL!!!
~ Maunia le Aso~

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Combined ZONE conference. Panmure, Waterview, Mt. Roskill and Chinese zones. Can you see me?
Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic week and that you were able to feel an abundance of the Spirit this week!

Monday- Me and the Zone Leaders had a long talk. Many tears and out pouring of the spirit was felt and I am forever changed!! I love the way I feel and this week was a result of that!

Tuesday- We had District Meeting and I was so overwhelmed with the Spirit. My District was uplifted and set the tone for the whole week. A new theme for the whole Zone was put into place, 100 through 100. 100% of the Zone baptizing through 100% personal conversion. Oh my gosh did I take that to a whole new level! After the meeting we went back to the Flat and I offered the most earnest prayer making a promise to Heavenly Father I will do his will. It was probably about a thirty minute prayer I have been studying a book called Everlasting Life and it talks about Guardian Angels...I truly believe that they are here and that I have someone on the other side that has charge over me.....AMAZING!!!

Wednesday- The unimaginable bike tire popped....and oh was I mad we were in the furthest part of our area and luckily there was a member close! Elder Calizo was laughing at me and I was furious because my bike is currently unusable so that meant walking the rest of the week!

Thursday- We walked and walked and walked...we had to walk to the furthest part of our area and it took us an hour an a half to walk there....terrible idea changed to an opportunity to talk with everyone and share the Gospel! We pushed out 9 lessons with people on the streets but of course opposition is in everything and there were those that didn't want to talk to us..we have the choice to either accept or reject the Gospel...sad but has to happen that way:(

Friday- I woke this morning pumped up to go share the Gospel and that's what we did...but we got rejected a we did what we knew, and that was be happy and know we were doing what we were supposed to do! We also had a Baptismal interview it was so good! The Tongan Sisters Investigators!

Saturday- We didn't have much happen today but we do have someone new to teach!!! Its one of our youth's we hope to meet with him soon and share the gospel with him:)

Sunday- We had an awesome Testimony Meeting so many youth got up and bore their testimonies, it was so cool, it reminded me of home and the awesome youth in WEST JORDAN UTAH!! We also received another person to teach today, so we should set him next week!

I love this work and it's been so great being out here! I love you all and have a great week!:)