And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn, when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God. Mosiah 2:17

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

This was probably one of the most life changing times in my mission.

Monday- We as a district went for an adventure to a waterfall not far from our flat...oh my gosh was it beautiful! Small, but really cool to get out and do something! We also had an opportunity to talk to a man that just walked up to us! Name was Walker...wasn't exactly interested in the message.

Tuesday- We had a miracle happen. I had a prompting to write down an address that we passed on Sunday of last week....We put the house in our plans. We went an visited, a woman answered the door. We began talking and we asked if we could share a message she said yes...we did the lesson outside, we sang "Love One Another", when we finished the song I told her that "Our purpose as missionaries is to share messages of Jesus Christ and the one thing he has asked us to do is...Love One Another and we love you!" You know we felt prompted to come to your home. Why would God put us at your doorstep at this time? She didn't answer (too many tears). Well, we have an appointment with her next Monday! Her Name is Jennifer. We also had trade-off with the zone leader, and we had another miracle! It was so cool! We were lead to an alley to an Indian man, then to an Asian man in an empty house and then to a Maori girl...!!! It was the coolest thing!

Wednesday- We spent a lot of time in the furthest part of our area. Visiting the house that we wrote down on Sunday...we didn't have much success but we still were able to meet with a new couple that just invited us into their home and invited us to come over to their house on Saturday to sit down and talk to them, they are Catholic...but their family are we are going to see what we can do with them:)

Thursday- I had my first Baptismal Interview with the Samoan sisters sets all in was that a challenge...but at least I understood what they were saying. So they were ready for Baptism on Saturday.

Friday- We went to visit our investigators trying to get them set for baptism....but we didn't get the chance cause no one was home, so no lessons that night.

Saturday- We had to walk all day today---word to the wise don't walk on a never get anything accomplished, if you have a bike...USE IT!!!! We couldn't get anything was terrible. We met with our new investigators and it went really good..we just talked and we sang I am a Child of God and closed with a prayer! It was so much fun!:) haha

Sunday- We had FOUR investigators at Church today, I was so happy!!!  Great day!!

With Raymond Taala, CCWS old boy!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Monday- Normal P-day...Well a little different with having the opportunity to call home made the day that much more exciting! Very grateful I was able to talk to all of the family and let them feel of the spirit of New Zealand from a phone call:) We contacted investigators..and well it went somewhat okay..haha we ended up at FHE's.

Tuesday- We had planned last week to have trade-off with the Zone Leaders...they got busy and well we ended up doing some more finding and visiting present investigators and less-actives. The Samoan Sisters referred us to our set's house because there were three new people that moved in due to a funeral....sad but we contacted them...nothing happened but we set up an appointment with Vaiala:)

Wednesday- We had Zone Conference with Elder Pearson of the Seventy!! It was amazing. We got a Spiritual Beat Down and well all of us left that meeting HUMBLED.

Thursday- We did more searching for new investigators and we found one!!! Yeah Samoan..of course but he wasn't exactly interested but we just have to build a relationship with him:) We also had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader and I gave a spiritual thought from Alma 7:11-13 one of my many favorite scriptures:) I felt so good when I finished..because I think they really understood me:)

Friday- Can't really remember what happened, but I'm sure it was a good day

Saturday-Stake Conference...Great conference all about THE WORK OF SALVATION (HASTENING) it was great to hear all the testimonies about Missionary Work. it strengthened mine a lot

Sunday- Second Session of Stake Conference and it was a broadcast from Salt Lake City,  President Monson....I learned so much about getting ready for the future.

I love this work and we are hoping to have a baptism this coming week or the next....Vaiala!!!:) Pray for him ...Please!!!

Love you all:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Elder Calizo's birthday celebration
Love the GNOMES!!! Ha Ha

We didn't get a weekly email because we were able to spend about an hour on the phone on Mother's Day with Elder Matua. He sounds great, it was very emotional talking to him, in fact everyone that was at the house on Sunday was able to speak with him. I have to say as a Dad it was so amazing to converse with him in Samoan. He says his Samoan is not very good, but he understood every word my brother and I said and he was able to respond....SO COOL!!!! I don't know about Kelli but that call absolutely made my week!!!! Kelli was so nervous and anxious, we tried for over an hour to get through and the recording kept telling us, "ALL CIRCUITS ARE BUSY, TRY AGAIN LATER." It was so frustrating, but then we heard Kelli's phone ring and we literally jumped to pick it up, Garrett actually answered the phone and when he said "HELLO", Garrett lost it, then he handed it to Kelli and Kelli lost it. I'm sure all missionary moms who got to talk to their missionary reacted the same way. Nonetheless, it was a great way to cap off an amazing Sunday. Hopefully we'll get an update next week. He sends his love to you all and says that he is so grateful for your love and support.. Until next week, God bless and take care.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I think Elder Matua may have shopped at the discount store, hence the picture
Well, this week's email is Elder Matua's testimony in Samoan. I've translated it into English so you can understand. Enjoy!!

Ia faafetai mo le faamalosiau ma le agalelei! Ia ou te lagona le musumusuga a le Agaga Pa'ia i le faasoa atu o la'u molimau ia te outou.
Ou te iloa oloo soifua le Atua ma lona alo o Iesu Keriso, e le mafai ona faamatala atu o lo'u alofa mo i la'ua. Ou te tula'i mai ma molimau atu ia te oe e moni ma faamaoni le talalelei a Iesu Keriso, e leai ma so'u masalosalo. Ua ou vaai i le galuega ua alualu i luma! Ou te alofa i lenei galuega talu ai ona ua ou tala'i atu le talalelei ina ia mafai ona ou aumaia tagata o loo leiloloa. Ia o lo'u molimau ua alualu i luma i le iloaina e iai sa'u Faaola, sa faapea ona tafetoto lona tino. Ou te tuuina atu le faafetai tele mo Ia talu ai ona o loo Ia silafia a'u ma lo'u puapuagatia.
Ou te tuuina atu le faafetai mo faifeau o loo nonofo i le tatou eria talu ai ona ua iloa e la'ua le ta'ua o lo'u uso!!!!!!  Ou te tagi aua ua la faaaogaina le la taimi e fesoasoani i si o'u uso . Ou te tatalo atu i le Alii mo le musumusuga a le Agaga Pa'ia sa faapea ona taitai la'ua i lo'u uso.
Ia o loo soifua se perofeta i lenei vaitaimi, o loo taitai le Ekalesia a Iesu Keriso ole Au Pa'ia o Aso e Gata Ai. Sa vaai Iosefa i le Atua ma lona alo o Iesu Keriso ma sa fai atu le Atua ia te ia, "E iai se galuega e ofoofogia mo oe"! Sa toefuatai e ia le talalelei a Iesu Keriso i le lalolagi ma toefuatai le perisitua a le Atua! Ia O lo'u molimau lea, faafetai ile Tama Faalelagi mo lenei avanoa sa faapea ona faasoa atu o la'u molimau ia te outou. Ou te alofa atu ia te outou mo le tou lagolago ma le tausiaina o a'u.
I love you and can not wait to talk to you all on Sunday!!
Love you and have a great week:)

Thank you for your encouragement and goodness. I feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost as I share my testimony with you.
I know that God and His son Jesus Christ live, I can't even begin to explain the love I have for them. I stand and testify to you that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and faithful, I know without a doubt. I can see the work moving forward. I love this work, I am preaching the gospel so that I can bring it to people who are lost. My testimony continues to grow and I know that I have a Savior, who bled for me. I give thanks to Him and I know that He knows me and my struggles.
I'm grateful for the missionaries serving at home because they have sought out my brother (Tai). I cried knowing that they have sacrificed some of their time to help my brother. I prayed to the Lord to prompt them through the Holy Ghost to seek out my brother.
I know that we have a living prophet today, who leads the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Joseph saw God and His Son Jesus Christ, and God spoke to him and said, "I have a marvelous work for you to do." He restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth, and the priesthood of God. This is my testimony, I'm grateful that my Heavenly Father has given me the opportunity to share my testimony with you. I love you for the care and support you have given me.